Saturday, November 7, 2009

And That Officially Scared Me To Death

Last night started out uneventful.  I got off of work. We ate dinner, lounged around and then I did some homework. Blah.  Around 10 or so I was done and so was Lael.

I had promised her to have a PJ Party in her room which basically means I get to squeeze my fat ass in her twin sized bed.  Not my idea of fun but I do what I can to support the kids.

Lael has a twin bed with a twin trundle underneath it that is D's bed when she is here.  Lately Lael has been sleeping on the lower trundle instead of her bed.  Whatever, no big deal.

I dozed off for a bit and when I woke up my husband had come into the room to check on us.  Behind hime came our 3 dogs. He sat on the top bed and the dogs jumped up on the bed with him playing around.  I had closed my eyes again and he got up to leave.  When he did Princess, my biggest dog, jumped off the bed but instead of landing on the floor she landed on the lower bed, well to be accurated, she landed RIGHT ON MY STOMACH.

I sat up in pain.  She was scared and I told her it was ok but my stomach was a little achy.  I felt a little queasy but just thought it was because I needed to eat.  I warmed up some fried rice from the day before and ate that with a glass of ginger ale and then I got back in bed with Lael.

I fell right asleep. My stomach felt a little sore but nothing alarming.  I tossed and turned a little all night but figured it was probably the springs from the tiny bed poking me.  Then I thought I peed myself.  I got up and peeked at my pants and they were wet with blood.

I jumped out of bed and realized my pants and underwear were covered in blood.  I sat on the toilet and it was nothing but blood coming out of me.  And then a little clot and then a really big clot. Like the size of slice of bread.

I then freaked the hell out.

I ran into the other room and woke my husband.  By then I couldn't even talk. Just cry is all I could do.  I managed to explain to him what happened and he remained calm and talked me through what I needed to do.  He looked in the toilet (I was too afraid to flush it) and he said that he didn't think it was the baby.

I continued to freak.  I had already been panicky about this pregnancy and this just did me in.

I got dressed and decided I was driving myself to the ER. My husband wanted to take me but I refused for him to drag Lael out of the bed at 5am and scare her to death.

I left.

They saw me right away.  The nurse asked me how far along I was and I started to cry as I told her I was supposed to be 12 weeks today.

She was very comforting and said that they would get me in right away.

The doctor came in after I changed and layed on a pad (in case there was more bleeding).  Being an ER doctor he was not familiar with the ultrasound machine but he figured it out enough for both me and him to see Bubby.  Safely where he should be.  Moving around and being, you know, alive.

The machine then shut off and he couldn't get it back on.  He left out and got the Doppler machine and we were able to hear the heartbeat (my first time HEARING it and not just SEEING it.)  It was just right. 

Everything seemed ok but he wanted to check my cervix to be sure it was still closed and to ensure I was no longer bleeding.

Great news.  It was completely closed.  The bleeding had completely stopped.

Because I am RH Negative he had to give me a shot of Rogam to prevent my body producing the anitbodies that are harmful to the baby so my butt is a little numb from that.

He wasn't sure if the bleeding came from the dog jumping on me or why I clotted so much instead of a light bleed.  But for now Bubby is safe.  I am safe.  We are safe.

I am resting.  Because I'm afraid to do much of anything else.  We are safe and I pray that things stay that way.

I will be calling my OB to get an appointment sooner rather than later.


  1. That is horribly scary. *hugs* and more *hugs*

  2. OMG. I am so glad that everything is ok. That kind of scare is just too much!

  3. Oh how awful! :( Thank goodness everything is okay. Stay strong!

  4. Wow - the courage it took to leave your husband at home and drive yourself to the hospital speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. You looked out for your kid (BOTH of them) before yourself. That's why you are awesome.

    Rest easy girlie - let that man of yours do the work this weekend!

  5. I was freaking out right along with you while reading this. I am so glad that all is well, and I hope you get the rest and comfort you need!

  6. That is soo horrible! I'm just glad you and the baby are OK!
    Yes! Get some rest!

  7. OMG i can only imagine your fear! I had a similar experience with my 2nd pregnancy except i just started bleeding for no reason and continued to bleed for the fist 16 weeks. All was fine in the end but we never figured out where the blood came from.

    I will keep you and Bubby in my prayers!

  8. That was scary even to read. I am glad that both you and the baby are okay. {{Hugs}}

  9. That's very scary - I'm glad you guys are OK.

  10. Keyona! I can't tell you how suspenseful that was to read. Thank goodness you and the baby are alright. I got teary-eyed as I read this, fearing a different outcome.

  11. So scary. I would have freaked out. You handled it very well, my friend. I hope there are no more events during this pregnancy. I can't wait to see those baby photos!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  12. Keyona, I am thinking of you! I'm glad bubby seems okay--you must have been frantic. Please keep us updated.

  13. Hugs. That must have been terrifying. So glad baby is well.


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