Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Oh my, it's been a while. But now that MckMama is back home with all 4 of her babies the truth will continue to flow.

Let's see what I did didn't do this past week.

I did not almost cry when my parenting flaws were brought to the surface.

I did not drink Strawberry Daiquiri's made with Mountain Dew and share with Lael.

I did not use the bathroom and then realize there was no toilet paper and nobody was home.....

I did not go trash "hunting" with my friend and get forced to grab things off the curb.

While trash "hunting" we did not find a couch in great condition and have a friend come get it.

That friend did not decided to walk with it on his back because it didn't fit into his car!

I did not have a friend come in town for the weekend and wish she still lived next door.

She did not cook for me and I did not eat so much food that I had a stomach ache.

I was not secretly happy that t-ball was cancelled this weekend so I could be lazy at home.

I did not have such a great weekend that I don't know if the work week will SUCK!

I'm sure I have more that I could add but it's your turn!!


  1. Sounds like you did not have a good weekend!!

  2. Oh, boy that does sound like an interesting weekend. Was the dacquari good?

  3. "I did not use the bathroom and then realize there was no toilet paper and nobody was home....."

    So NOT cool.

    There's little I hate more in this world than reaching for the toilet paper roll and feeling cardboard under my fingers...

  4. I did not hang out with married couples all weekend and then wonder why I'm single

  5. Shoot, I need a new couch. Let me know next time you're going trash hunting so I can come along, 'kay?

  6. Dear Keyona,

    I just wrote a prayer request on MckMama's blog, and your's was above mine. I just wanted to let you know I just prayed for you, your husband, and your friend! Might God sustain you as you wait for Him to provide work for your husband and may God give you the wisdom to be the right support for your friend right now. I have struggled with depression for more years than I know, so I am praying some very specific things for your friend, mostly that she won't be afraid to reach out for help and that she'll really lean into God right now. Anyways, I'll be praying for you...



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