Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

My weekend started off early Friday. Because my birthday was Thursday my office let me leave Friday at noon.

Wasn’t that sweet of them?

I spent Friday afternoon lounging around and eating my weight in chocolate chip cookies that my supervisor baked for me.

I got up early Saturday and decided it was time for Project cleanthisdamnhouse.

During that process I dusted off my Dollar Tree scarecrows and plastic pumpkins and set my sofa table up with cute fall decorations.

Later that afternoon, my father-in-law came up and took us all bowling on base to celebrate our birthday’s.

Yes. Birthday’s.

Hubby turned 35 on Saturday. ( I meant to write him a birthday letter but it would just say blah blah, I love you, blah)

I know.

He’s old as dirt. I never thought I’d be married to an old guy. Go figure.

So anyway, I got whipped in bowling by everyone (including Lael).

That was lots of fun.

Because bowling took up so much energy I spend Sunday in bed watching cheesy Lifetime and Hallmark movies.

I doesn’t get any better than that.

Yesterday, I peeled myself out of the bed and did laundry and stuff.

I know, my life is sooooo exciting.

That is what holiday weekends are for right? Eating, lounging and watching bad tv right?

On another note, this morning I watched Lael walk to her bus stop and something seemed to grab her attention.

Actually, something seemed to have scared her half to death.

She was walking so far away from our neighbors house, she was practically walking in the street.

When she finally passed their house she kept looking behind her like something was coming after her.

I couldn’t figure out what had her bugged out so bad.

When I left to head to work this is what I saw:

I would bet my lunch money she’ll be walking home on the other side of the street today.

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  1. Some of us didn't get to recognize the awesomeness that was 1492 yesterday and had to work.

    Glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend!


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