Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Few Moments

I turned her light on like I always do.

But instead of calling her name like I usually do, I sat on her bed.

I slowly lifted the covers off her feet.  I held her not so little anymore foot in my hand. 

I rubbed the bottom of them.

The baby softness has been replaced by a new toughness.

When did that happen?

I slowly rubbed her legs.

When did they get so long?

I rubbed her back and whispered her name.

She stirred.

She stretched.

And then she crawled towards me.

She laid in my arms just like she used to.

Except the only things that fit were her head and chest.

The rest of her body still lay on the bed.

I held her.  I rubbed her cheek.  I took her face in.

Her beautiful brown face.

She opened her beautiful brown eyes.

She smiled up at me and whispered “Good Morning Mommy”.

I smiled and whispered back. 

The we sat just like that.

Holding each other.

Taking in the moment.

I knew we would both get up eventually and shower.

I would have to get the baby up and change him.

She would have to get dressed and catch the bus.

I would have to rush off to work.

But for a few minutes this morning….

Nothing else mattered.


  1. Miss D. is the most un-cuddly child in the universe, but when she's groggy, I can sometimes sneak a cuddle. Precious moments.

  2. Love the early morning cuddling. Especially because it's not often that I get to do it since I'm usually gone to work by the time she gets up.

  3. Love these rare moments. Why, oh WHY must they grow up???

  4. Sigh. I just had a few moments like that with Six. Only because he's sick. But I treasured them.


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