Friday, October 29, 2010


My Dearest Lael,

I haven't quite grasped the fact that you turned 7 today.

How has it been 7 years.  YEARS. 7 of them.

My heart hurts because time is slipping between my fingers. 

I need to find more time or hold on to those special moments when possible.

This year you wore many hats.  One as a cheerleader.  You may not have been the loudest, and you may have gotten some of the words wrong. But no one had a brighter smile.  Hands down.

You are currently finishing up soccer.  You kick ass in soccer.  You don't even have to try hard. You're a natural.

While looking through photos, I could not find many where you weren't smiling.

Except the ones where you are concentrating with your tongue hanging out.  I love when you do that.

You are also a fish.  You loved the water so much you were the youngest on the swim team.  They called you the Little Mermaid.

You are a clown.  You are always trying to make someone laugh.  You ALWAYS make me laugh.

This May you had a life changing experience.  You became a big sister.  You love your brother with a fierceness.  It's so sweet it hurts sometimes.

I thought 6 was great, but I have a feeling 7 is going to rock the party!  Just like you.

Happy Birthday Lael, words cannot express the love I have for you baby girl.




  1. She's gorgeous and clearly a bright and fun girl! Happy birthday Lael from Marlie and Me!

  2. Aww, sweet! Happy Birthday, Lael!

  3. Happy Birthday Lael! She's so beautiful!

    I think 7 is one of those killer birthdays. AT least it always is for me.

  4. I love this touching post to your daughter. I think your words actually DID express the love you have for her. Great job mama!!

  5. 7 is definately a unique year....good luck. :)

    The pictures are great...she's quite a beauty.


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