Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

MckMama's on vacation but we should still clean our souls!

I did not get to take Lael to the Youth Inauguration Concert and scream and dance like I was a teenage girl when the Jonas Brother's came on stage. Nope, you can't prove it.

I did not stand on my bed taking pictures of Marine 1 flying over my base and then fall and cut my foot and still proceed to run down the stairs, out the front door, barefoot in below freezing temperatures to get another picture. But if I did, I would have gotten that picture.

I did not spend the rest of the week limping due to this horrible foot injury that left me with a chunk missing and a cut pinkie toe. Good lord it was painful.

I did not cheer and cry at the television while watching the Inauguration from the warmth of my living room. I was not proud of my country. Nope not one bit.

I did not get nervous my first time coaching a bunch of 5 and 6 year old cheerleaders. I am an adult and can compose myself in front of Kindergartner's.

I did not almost get sick again after watching a Grey's Anatomy episode. But if was such a GOOD episode!

I did not decide to almost kill myself by participating in an Aerobathon that consisted of Kickboxing, Spin Cycling, Zumba, Power Pump (weight lifting), Step Aerobics, and Pilate's for 4 consecutive hours.

I did not spend that night painting Lael's car so that she could race in the Girl Scout's Powder Puff Derby. I plan ahead of time and don't wait until the NIGHT BEFORE to paint a wood car.

I did not wake up Sunday feeling like I had been hit by a car. I did not almost fling Lael across the room when she jumped on top of me and I did not cry when I had to walk down the stairs because every part of me was on fire except my hair which is still very cute in my new style.

I did not drag Lael to said Derby and she win second place and I not envy the girl who beat her. I am not competitive like that.

I have tons more but I'll spare you the details! Your turn!


  1. I am So jealous you got to do that (the jonas brother's deal not the foot injury)
    I also was SO proud to be watching on Tuesday....

    We are an airforce family as well...

  2. I too cried during the inauguration. I have voted 4 times and this is the first time I have felt compelled to watch it. Hope your foot feels better!!

  3. Ouch about the foot injury, and to the achy muscles. Have a great week.


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