Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Time to join in on MckMama's free therapy. Cleansing is good for the body!

I did not stalk the Presidential Inauguration Committee to get tickets to the youth concert. I ended up getting some but through a different source.

I did not almost cry when I woke up for work one morning and it was only 8 degrees. I don't deal well with the cold.

I did not try my best to avoid opening up the Tinkerbell Nail Salon Lael got for Christmas but give in when she gave me her pouty face. I despise messy projects.

I did not freak when I found a mouse trap kit empty box on my kitchen counter and believe my husband when he said he got it for the garage but just as a precaution. He lied and told me after he caught it. I am an adult and do NOT cringe at the thought of creepy crawlers.

I did not go to Children's Place and get Lael a new outfit for said concert and get at least 80 bucks worth of clothes for only 39 bucks and that was the highlight of the day!

I did not get my hair cut again but this time it's all the way to my chin. I did think I looked like a boy at first but now I love it and can wear it out in uniform.

I did not go ice skating with Lael and some friends and laugh everytime she fell (which was after everytime she got up) and not feel guilty. She and I both had a blast!

I did not go all week without cooking dinner. We ate, but I surely didn't lift a finger. Nope, not a one.
And finally,

I did not get peed on by my 5 year old this morning, in my own bed, because she snuggled in at 8am , went back to sleep and then proceeded to pee on her and me while she dreamed away. My girl has been potty trained since she was 2 and does not slip up every now and then, even when her mom gives her drink at 10pm.

Ah, now I feel like I can move on with this week.

Happy Monday yall!


  1. I do NOT hate mice!! And I don NOT love the Children's Plcae. Happy Monday!!

  2. I do Not hate mice either. Cute critters. (shudder).

    I went to Chidren's Place on Saturday and got like 100 dollars worth for 21. I was so freaking excited. You, me and Jillene should start a therapy group perhaps...Place Addicts Anonymous.

  3. oh not a mouse! your hubby was right to keep that one a secret!

  4. i am so thankful that i am not the only mom who HATES messy toys...i will put it off for days thinking of several different ways to distract them from candy anyone??

  5. whoohoo children's place sales!!! way to go. love your not mes!


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