Thursday, January 29, 2009

Biggest Loser-Week 2

Has it already been a week since I posted? Ok, I guess it has. So how did I do? Great!

So Friday I didn't work out but that's ok. Saturday I did the Aerobathon which was 4 non-stop hours of working out. Sunday I dragged my dead body around. But Monday I was right back in the gym on the Elliptical. I took Tuesday off. Wednesday I did weight lifting and today I ran 3 miles and did sit ups and push-ups. Not bad huh?

I even managed to lose another half a pound so that has me down from 150 to 149. Not a huge number but it's a lower one right?

I've been doing great counting my calories but have slip ups every now and then. From the rest of the week today was probably my worst. I went to a luncheon and ate some Ravioli Portabella(I'm sure the calories were out of this world) and then I went to Burger King because it's all I had time for before taking Lael to cheer practice.

I am determined to do better tomorrow and the weekend. So thanks for the kind words! I am back on the right track and won't veer off anytime soon!

Check back in next Thursday to see how I've done...or not.


  1. its so hard when you have a kiddo and work to stay on track i totally feel ya!! But your doing good!!

  2. So...

    I started Weight Watchers this week. The online program, so no going to meetings, which works better for me since my time is in high demand as it is. And I really like it! I like the point system they use, it's really easy once you learn how it works. The website is great because it has SO MANY resources. And I actually like counting points rather than calories, carbs, etc...I'm having fun with it, like it's a game.

    This week I've done really well. I've walked every day, either taking my daughter out in the stroller or hitting the treadmill. I even resisted breakroom treats at work and all the goodies at Lunar New Year celebrations we've been attending all week.

    I really think the WW system is what's keeping me movitated. Well, so far anyway. It's only been a week afterall. :)

    We can do it!


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