Monday, April 27, 2009

How To Test The Strength Of Your Marriage-Day 1

I haven't posted since Wednesday and for good reason. I've spent the last few days beating my husband with my laptop instead. Ok, not really but I really wanted to. Remember I spoke about an upcoming surgery?

Well it happened. It was the 6th knee surgery I've been through with him. 3 on his right knee and this was his 3rd on the left. Oh if I ever thought the previous one's tested our bond oh how wrong I was.

This was supposed to be the most minor of all his previous surgeries. Haa haa....I will have words with his surgeon later.

Here is a rundown of how Thursday and Friday morning went.

0630-Wake up to get Lael ready for school

0720-Send Lael off on the school bus

0730-Lay down to go back to sleep

0800-Awaken by Mr. Crazy because he's too anxious to wait around the house

0930-Leave the house to head to his mom house who lives close to the clinic

(Note: FYI the surgery was scheduled for 1pm. Yes people, 1:00 PM)

1000- Hang out at his moms and decide we will leave at 12:10 for his appointment

1115- Decides he is still TOO ANXIOUS to sit around and would rather sit in clinic waiting room

1125-Get to clinic and wait....and wait....and wait.

1400- (Yes that's military time for 2pm) Finally go into surgery an hour late.

1500-Panic because I won't be able to pick up baby from bus stop (My dear friend helped! :o)

1700-Get Mr. Crazy home and settled with drugs and food. Leave to get my hair done.

Ok, so I'll pause here and repeat that he was fine. Alert, moving around and ENCOURAGED me to go and get my hair done. I'd be gone maybe 2 hours at the most.

1940-Get a call while my hair is being dried. "Just wanted to let you know I woke up and there was blood everywhere....don't worry though (insert name) is going to take me to the ER."


2020-Speed away from my friends (my hair was so cute...) and head to ER.

2045-Get to ER and send Lael with his friend to lay down and play role of the supportive wife.

1040-Get him home, pick up child, get her in bed (yes she was WIDE awake) proceed to sleep.

1130-Awaken to assist with a bathroom trip.

1240-Awaken to assist with a bathroom trip.

0130-Awaken to assist with a bathroom trip.

0250-Awaken to assist with a bathroom trip.

0330-Awaken to assist with a bathroom trip.

0445-Awaken to assist with a bathroom trip.

0515-Awaken to assist with a bathroom trip.

0630-Drag my zombie ass out of the bed to take Lael's tired ass to the bus stop.

Just wait until you see how the rest of Friday went..........


  1. Oh no!! Sounds like a rough weekend.

  2. OH MY! Kind of like having a newborn! :)

    I do hope he's recovering ok though. And you too!

  3. Just like a new baby...what is it with men and their bladders?

    I hope you've caught up on your sleep and that your hair weathered all the commotion!

  4. how the hell did you find the energy to even write this post

  5. Oh, my goodness... that was so funny...loved it! Thank you for your comment on my blog...heading to snoop around yours...


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