Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because I Saw A Picture of Myself

I had been hesitant about working out since having the baby.

The C-Section really kicked my butt and I didn't want to do too much too fast.

I mean I have been walking since about the second week but I mean really working out.

My husband has been...ahem...encouraging me. But I politely told him to suck it.

Well the other day I was finally uploading old pictures that had been stuck in my camera while my computer was down.

What I saw scared me.  Well one photo in particular.  I mean looking at it I know that Kobi was only 2 weeks old but still.

Pay no attention to my brother and dad the look good.  Look at the whale on the left.  I mean seriously.

I knew going into this pregnancy that I would be the heaviest I've ever been but I had NO IDEA.

I know I know.  You all think I'm crazy, I mean I know I just had him.  And I'm ok with that.  But now I will be going back to work soon and it's time to get off my ass.

Don't get me wrong, I have dropped about 20lbs the last 10 weeks but I would seriously like to drop 25 more. 

So here begins my weight loss journey...again. 

So how did you do it?  How did you loose your pregnancy weight.  Please share.


  1. I walked. Everywhere. Four days out of seven I walked up and down 17 blocks of steep hill (We lived on the side of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver at the time) pushing the stroller and in some cases carrying the Peanut as she got bigger and bigger. Also I breast fed which really sucked the pounds away. Personally I think you look great in that picture, two weeks after giving birth; honey you look awesome! It's always hard to look on ourselves with a gentle eye.

  2. I ran. Nothing came off until I started running. Speaking of...I need to start doing that again regularly.

  3. It's so hard to see ourselves objectively. When I looked at that photo of you, I thought "Keyona looks so pretty!" But I know how you feel.

    I lost pregnancy weight by breastfeeding and taking massively long stroller walks.

    You'll do it! I have no doubt. You are beautiful no matter what!

  4. I understand that feeling - I look at photos of myself and cringe. That said, you are NOT a whale. I saw the photo of you at your brother's graduation and thought how pretty you looked.

  5. Oh Girl, I wish I had a secret to tell you. I did really well right after having Gabe and then I got discouraged and sort of gave up. I need another burst of self-control to get that last 20-30 lbs off!

  6. I have not had any babies! But I try to speed walk for atleast 40 minutes and the last twenty lift some weights! Girl work it! You look fab in that picture and it takes time but you will get back on track!

  7. Swimming worked best for me.

    Oh, also once I'm not nursing, the pounds came off more quickly.

  8. You look great....seriously. Don't be so hard on yourself!! It took 9 months to pack it on!

  9. Let me know when you find out! My baby just turned one (can you believe it??) and Im still struggling to loose that weight. Ugh

  10. Well, I would tell you, but since it came back slowly but surely after I lost it, my advice is no good. I think you look fantastic!


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