Friday, March 4, 2011

Short Month Syndrome

February is over.  As quickly as it came it’s gone.  I think it has a bit of the short month syndrome.  You know, trying to overcompensate for being the shortest month.

There were so many awesome things that happened that I didn’t time to blog about them.

But it needs to be remembered.

Then Chinese New Year was celebrated at the beginning of the month. 

This was a big deal for Lael’s school because they study Chinese from PreK through the 5th grade. Lael decided to be one of 4 kids from her class to participate in their Chinese New Year celebration. She gave up recess everyday to rehearse for this big production.  This also meant I had to listen to her speaking Chinese around the house for weeks.

I show up early on the day of the event. I secured a second row seat and I was armed with my camera phone. Yes, I totally forgot my “good” camera but didn’t think it would be a big deal.

There entire auditorium filled with all the different classes.  It got crowded rather quickly.  We watched a few different groups act out their songs and dance.  Then it was time for Lael’s group.  They walked back stage donned with wearing paper masks. They lined up on stage behind paper umbrellas and begin peeking out while singing a song (in Chinese of course). The song and story line were cute and I followed along well but I soon realized Lael wasn’t on the stage.

I was confused. I was sure that I saw her go backstage. Her  group finishes their song and everyone claps but the kids don't leave the stage. It gets quiet for a moment and we realize they aren’t done.

Suddenly a kid that has on a mask different from the rest jumps from behind one of the umbrellas. She walks to the middle of the stage and grabs the mic. She begins to sing a song.  She had such a soft sweet voice.  Wait, is that Lael?

Yes. Yes it was.

My child stood in the middle of that stage and sang that song all by herself.

I had no idea she had a solo. I didn’t even know she could sing so beautifully. I could not hold back my tears.

After the performance I tease Lael about not telling me she had her own part.  I walk up to her class to get her things and her teacher stops me.

She tells me that the 2nd grade classes will be having a Black History Month play at the end of the month.  Then she tells me that she has given Lael female main character role because she is so theatrical.  I don’t know whether to be excited or worried.  No, I was super proud.

The performance were supposed to be the 24th but they postponed it until today.  Funny they are having it after Black History Month is over, but who cares?

In addition, they were given a biography project. Lael chose Michael Jackson as her famous person and there was a Spelling Bee. 

Our month was filled with studying spelling words, looking up facts about MJ’s life and rehearsing her play. It has been busy to say the least.  She made it to the 4th round in her grade Spelling Bee.  She’s excited to do it again next year.

I am headed to her school soon for the play and she also get to dress up as Michael to read her biography on him.  It’s going to be exciting.  I even ordered her a sparkle glove and red “Thriller” pleather jacket for her to dress the part.  Oh, how fun.

Stay tuned for that post.

**In case you are curious, they are acting out a book called “Dinner at Aunt Connie’s House”by Faith Ringgold.**


  1. I think it is super awesome that Lael's so active in her school. Oh, I wish you'd posted photos of her during her performance (or better yet, a video!). =)

  2. The lead in the play? That is so awesome. (I got a little teary reading the part when she came out and sang a solo. I could feel the pride radiating from the at moment.)


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