Thursday, April 14, 2011

11 Months

So here we are Kobi. Counting down to your first birthday.

You are such a big boy. There are so many new things to touch on. You've graduated from your infant car seat. Today you had your first ride in big boy style. I think you kind of dug it.

You have finally grasped the concept of the sippy cup. I knew you could. You just don't like being rushed into things.

You can stand on your own now. Yes, you can but you are really quite lazy and don't stand longer than necessary. You're such a tease.

Baby food is pretty much a thing of the past. You refuse to eat anything but the real thing. You also do this thing were I put food in your mouth and you take it out, look at it and then decide if you want it. Silly boy.

You love repeating me. When I say cheese you give the goofiest grin and say "sheeee". You pretty much have Mama and Dada down but use them only when necessary.

I am planning your first birthday. My heart aches just a bit but it swells more with pride. I still can't believe I have a son. My boy. Mama's baby.

I took you to the park today do a photoshoot. You climbed and crawled and enjoyed the sun on your face. We were alone for a while but then a mom came with her two kids. She had an older daughter and a boy maybe a little over a year. You were sitting and across from them staring. She was one of those cute moms. You know the kind that look like they never had kids. I stared wishing I had that body. Before I knew it you power crawled over to her and she helped you stand up. Then. You slapped her.

I pretended to be mortified and she laughed it off. But when she wasn't looking I totally high fived you. We are have lots of adventures ahead of us my boy. Happy 11 months!


  1. LMAO!!!

    Love the pics - he's adorable!!

  2. He is adorable! That's awesome that he can stand on his own. Aw! Where did 11 months go? I feel like you just had him! HA HA about the slapping! That is too funny!


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