Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tooth Loosey

Wheew! It's been a while but now that I have my laptop up and running, I can blog with a bit of privacy...

So while I have a lot of backstories to post I had to announce the day my 4.5 year old has been waiting on for MONTHS!!

So yesterday turned out to be a fun day. My daughter had a school performance based on the Spring weather and she played the role of "rain". She turned out to be beautiful rain as well as it being a rainy day. I went to work after the performance and got home a little late. Well when I did get home, my little actress was waiting for me with my Mother's Day present. While she was given STRICT instructions to wait until Sunday she could barely hold herself back from tearing open MY prestent which turned out to be a beautiful watercolor painting.

So backing it up...we were in a bit of a rush that morning so I brushed her teeth for her and didn't notice anything out of the norm. The past few weeks her 6yr old molars had finished coming in. When I had took her to the dentist a few months ago they suggested I bring her back in to get sealants put on and gave me a "by the way" I think her two bottom teeth are a little loose...well I didn't feel anything moving. Anyway...since hearing that that's all she ever talks about. So after she gives me my present she goes into the bathroom and comes out saying "Mommy I think my tooth is loosey (not loose, loosey), its hurting." So I start to go through my routine of shaking the tooth and telling her that it not loose yet and to give it more time, but I was shocked and surpised because when I wiggled it, the darn thing moved!

So I did my impromtu "La La has a loose tooth" song and dance which put her in a fit of giggles and almost making her wet herself. She's so excited though I don't think the poor tooth stands a chance. She is wiggling it every 5 seconds and I give it to next Friday before she has the thing out. She say her Fairy Godmother Tinkerbell (not the tooth fairy) is going to be happy and leaver her lots of money.

I sure hope that stimulus check gets here in time!

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