Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Party #1


Take a good look.

It's me and my mother-in-law at my work Christmas Party last night.

Take another good look.

I believe my body is officially gone.  Because of that, from now on you will only see my face or just my belly.  No more whole body shots. M'kay?
Not until after the baby and many, many rounds of the 30 Day Shred. LOL!

We had a blast though.  Good food, good drinks (for everyone but me), dancing and lots of pictures.

Just what I need to give me that EXTRA Christmas Spirit. ;o)


  1. I think you look beautiful!

  2. You look great! :)

    So, the 30 Day Shred works eh? I fell off the wagon. I'll have to try again.

  3. You look so good! And the 30 Day Shred works, but I too fell off after ummmm Day 12 or so...Hey, I couldn't walk! I miss you!

  4. Oh, stop! You're a doll-face with that curly 'do lol. You look GREAT! :-)

  5. You're look great!

  6. Some Christmas parties are the best and others are such a snorefest!

    I'm glad it was a good one!! :D


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