Monday, December 14, 2009



The USO (United Service Organizations) takes care of the military.

Whether it's free tickets to the Radio City (Rockettes) Concert ((which I may or may not have stood in line for 3 hrs on Sunday to get only to miss out by just a few people)) or calling cards to those that are deployed, they are there.

I haven't been on the up and up the past few years but that's what I have military friends for right?

My girlfriend called me up Saturday and swung by my house to pick me and Lael up for some USO Kids Christmas Event.

I wasn't sure what to expect but the USO never hardly disappoints. 

We go there and they were giving aways tickets for door prizes which included kids bikes and more.

There was free dinner, popcorn, cotton candy, treats, face painting, and even a Gingerbread House for the kids to climb through (yeah, it was that big).

But of course no Christmas event is complete without a Santa.  Even though he looked like he was maybe 25, the kids loved him.

Thanks USO for a fun filled night.  Especially because it was free, free, free.


  1. I'm loving the colors in that pic!

    Sounds like the kids had a blast. :)

  2. I'm guessing the USO does all this stuff because you all DESERVE it.

  3. Wow.... how nice... girl, you need to take advantage of that stuff!!

    Oh and BTW-- your belly is too cute... 5 months---wow...where does the time go??

  4. How awesome! Lovely picture!! I always wanted to take a picture with santa. LOL Never done it though haha


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