Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Blame My Hormones...And Her Mother

I have a confession.

I love coaching cheerleading.

Ok, well that's not the real confession but I feel I need to put that out there as a disclaimer.

The truth is.....there is one little girl on my squad....

That I can't stand.

I mean, I want to strangle her.

I know, I'm going straight to hell.

From the first day she walked into the Youth Center, I cringed.

I had never met her before.  But I just knew.

Her mother annoys me and I'm sure she's to blame.

Or not. 

Can you blame a mother for how her 7yr old turns out.

She talks over us all time, she bothers the other girls around her and she thinks she know every cheer before we teach it.

I split the girls up and show them a cheer and she tries to finish it before I've finished teaching it.

Then when it's her turn to show me she can't remember how to do it at all.

I want to yell shutthefuckupandlistentowhatI'mtryingtotellyou.  But I don't.  I smile.  And sternly ask her to listen.

But I'm dying inside.

My chest is burning with all the things I want to scream at her.

How could this one child get to me so much?

Last week her mother asked if she could move to the 8-10 group because the practice times were more convienent for her.  It's not my decision I told her,  she's placed in our squad based upon her age....but I also said that she should ask.

At this point, I'm willing to forge her paperwork so that she can get the hell off of my squad.

Can you blame me?


  1. No, don't blame you at all!!! Just know that everyone has this experience at some point...even teachers!!!

  2. No, I don't blame you either. There are some kids in my girls' classes that I feel the same way about. I try so hard not to, but it's a losing battle.

    When are we getting video of you doing a cheer? Come on, it would make our day!

  3. I love your blog-- I love your truth and honesty. It seems like so many blogs are only filled with "the good stuff". Your blog reminds me that I'm not alone on this road of balancing family, work, activities, stepchildren, etc. Thank you for always keeping it real. :)

  4. Don't blame you at all.

    She's also interrupting the other girls and their learning. It's a shame the Mom doesn't step in with some stern rules about listening.

    I'm totally with Gibby - I'm gonna need video of you teaching these cheers.

  5. Here's hoping she gets permission to move up to the older group.

  6. No, I don't blame you at all.

    Hopefully she gets transferred out of your group.

  7. I have my fingers crossed for you!

    (And also why I could never, in a million years, be a teacher of any sort.)

  8. Unfortunately, she'll probably grow up to be a very annoying adult, as well! lol

  9. That totally made me laugh!

    I feel your pain!!

    There are a lot of annoying little beings out there! lol

    I always tell myself just breath BREATH SLOWLY!!! haha

  10. OMG I didn't know you were the COACH! How awesome is that!!

    Perhaps you need to make her do pushups every time she decides to do stuff on her own.

  11. It's okay, in high school I wanted to stragle ALL the cheerleaders! And I did.
    That's why I'm writing this from prison.

    Just kidding. I didn't hate them (or strangle them), I was just extrememly jealous.

  12. She sounds awful! What a brat. I totally think that is parenting.


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