Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Ankles Are ALWAYS Warm

Many of my fellow bloggy friends have done a Twitter recap before.

In honor of today be Lovey Love Smootchie Wootchie day I thought I do something a little along those lines.

Me and hubby have been together 10 years and married for 6.  He always makes me laugh, always has and I'm sure always will.

So in honor of my hubby, I thought I give you a little sneek preview into some of his FB comments and so forth.


Just moved tons of snow!! After the Snowjob comes the .......Feb 6

(In response to a "Do You Think Keyona is a Virgin" quiz: Please!! She only wears panties to keep her ankles warm.....Feb 10

Just gave Suki an enema...He is following me around just like Keyona after I bust that ass........Jan 27

Promises the scratches on his back are from falling on a rake........Jan 17

Wishes he could "clean" himself the SAME way his dogs do.......Jan 14

Heard something about a meeting in the ladies room......Jan 12

Needs help naming his man juice......Jan 11

Need I say more?

God I love my man....even when he embarrasing the SHIT out of me on Facebook.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. hahahahahaha! Sorry to laugh at your expense, Keyona, but he IS funny!

  2. LOL!

    I think our husbands could be best friends.

  3. love the one about keeping your ankles warm and the of course his desire to clean himself like a dog does. Your hubs is a funny guy

    happy v day

  4. What can I say about your "hubby"...Let me not say anything!:)!!! Ok...he might be a little funny...Ya know when your at work, he probably does clean himself like the dogs Just sayin!! I <3 you!

  5. Oh my god. He is a pistol, that man! Laughing my butt off!

  6. Keyona... I finally found your blog after seeing your comments on my friend Lindy's blog. Guess what? I have a new blog to add to my favorites! :) Love your writing -- very funny! And your husband is hilarious too... sorry. :)

  7. I have to know. What DID he name his man juice?

  8. WOW!!!! He's brave and hilarious!


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