Wednesday, February 3, 2010

That Will Be Enough Of That

If you follow me on Twitter (which you totally should) you will see that a co-worker of mine got sick Monday and vomited quite a few times in the trashcan before we could convince her to go home.

She was hesitant at first but after I had to swallow that extra saliva you get when you hear people dry heaving I told her it was me or her.  And honestly I would have preferred if she sent me home.


She thought she had ate something bad, even though she brought food from home, and she went home and rested.

Later that afternoon, me the rest of my co-workers exchanged vomit stories.  Gross, I know.

I explained to them that Lael has never been a weak stomached child and the last time I remember her vomiting she had to be 2 or so.  She had been put on some type of medication for something and the only thing I could get her to drink was orange juice.

Well what I didn't do was read the side of the bottle that said she had to take it on a full stomach.


Ever smelled OJ after it's done the tango with your stomach acids?


So seriously, this was Monday we were talking about it.

Fast forward to last night.

Me and hubby had just know....and Lael comes sleepwalking in our bedroom.

She climbed on my side of the bed and rolled over and continued snoring.

I paid it no attention, sometimes she does that and I just let her be.

I went downstairs to get a snack before I headed to bed knowing that I had a 2-hr delay due to ANOTHER snow storm and was preparing to watch a little more tv.

I got back in bed and told Lael to move over.

She did but then groaned and rolled back right underneath me.

I asked her if she were thirsty and gave her a sip of my OJ.

This is where shit gets hilarious.  I say that because I can only laugh at the irony.

She starts whining about her belly hurting.  I massage it for a few minutes and ask her if she need to go poo.

She says no and rolls over and goes to sleep.

2 hrs later I wake up covered in OJ, Spanish Rice, and whatever else I fed her for dinner.

It. Was. Everywhere.

2am and I am up pulling my sheets off my bed, cleaning her, cleaning me and realzing I hadn't washed sheets yet and then realizing I should probably by a few more sets of sheets for my bed.

I end up taking her into the spare room (soon to be Bubby's) and laying out my futon.

45 minutes later a repeat of above.

It was a long night.  I hadn't thought about it until this this morning but yesterday afternoon I felt really really sick to my stomach.  But it passed.

I wonder if I brought a stomach bug from home and passed it on. 

Either way I would like it to go away.  There will be no more vomiting thankyouverymuch.

Lael was still able to get up and go to school today.  I would have kept her home buy hubby let her go.  She said that today was their 100th day of school pizza party and she wasn't going to miss it. 

I'm just afraid the pizza won't stay where it belongs.....


  1. At least you got know...before all that happened! ;)

  2. LOL at Tsquared417's comment!!!

    Well, hopefully Lael got the germs out of her system and she's fine now.

  3. Vomit and I are good friends. My middle child had a MAHOR gag reflex and not in the nothing makes me gag sense, but in the I throw-up at least once a day sense. All kinds of fun in this house for the first 5 years of his life.

  4. Vomit and mom go hand in hand. Sometimes literally!! (0:

  5. Ohhhhh, poor everyone! Nothing like waking up covered in barf. I hope you don't get it, and that Lael is all better!!

  6. My problem is that I can't ever actually throw up. I get super nauseated and dry heave. Not fun.

  7. Here's to hoping the pizza stays down!!

  8. Seriously?! And you thought we all wanted to know?

    I'm talking you doing "it"..not the vomit.


  9. Who in their right mind would stay at work at their desk after they vomited??????????

  10. I'm glad Lael got to go to her pizza festivity!

    Hope you get some rest tonight! :)


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