Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Veteran

He is the homeless guy living under the bridge.

He is the grandfather that tells his war stories.

She is the great aunt who served as a nurse.

They are the teenagers you see missing limbs.

She is the single mother you walk past in Wal-Mart.

They are the parents of the little boy at the park. The one who is with his grandma while BOTH his parents are deployed.

She is that white girl, that black girl, that Asian boy.

He is her nephew.

She is my mother-in-law.

He is my husband.

He is my brother. The Marine currently in Afghanistan.

She is me.

Happy Veteran's Day to all the heroes.

Past, Present, and Future.


  1. Happy Veteran's Day to you!

    Thank you.

  2. That was phenomenal!!! Thank you for this.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful reminder. Thanks, Keyona. And thanks also for all YOU do to serve our country.

  4. A day for you, Keyona! Happy Veterans Day!

  5. Beautiful post. I learned at my daughter's assembly today that there are 23 million veterans in the US. Happy Veteran's Day, Keyona!

  6. Lovely post. So well-written and thoughtful!

  7. Such a beautiful post and an important reminder. Thank you, Keyona. For all that you do.


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