Monday, December 27, 2010

The Holidays Kicked My Ass....

.....and my computer.

It's dead. I've had no e energy to type up a whole post with my thumbs on iPod or BB.

As I sit here thumbing this, I am in my pjs. I have been since Saturday. I mean I did shower and put new ones on but I haven't left the house.

I go back to work Wednesday and have no intentions of putting on real clothes before then.

Christmas was nice and quiet over here. Lael got everything she wanted (minus the hamster) and
that was all I cared about. Santa even dropped off a few things for D and Kobi.

We ate leftovers, played XBox Kinect, took naps and ate some more.

I hope your holiday has been filled with laziness like mine has. Well, only if you like that sort of thing.

**I can't post pics for a while but when I do it'll be worth

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  1. I'm glad you are being a coach potato so am I and I'm loving it! Hurray for PJS and LAZINESS!

    Glad you had a good Christmas! :D


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