Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Need Of Sister Wives...and other stuff

I started post yesterday about my weekend.  I was about  taking down Christmas decorations and all that.  You know the usual.

Of course my insane life took over once again and now it’s pointless to post it.  So let’s move on.

Here a few things you should know.  For lack of time and pure laziness I will deliver it in bullet format.

·         I survived my first week of Marketing 100.  It’s not that bad. Yet.

·         Kobi is confused with a newborn.  His waking up every 2 hrs the few nights is Kicking My Ass.

·         Lael started basketball.  How cute is that.  I will be taking tons of pictures to share.  Your welcome.

·         I started P90X yesterday.  Shut up.  I am well aware that I’ve started it twice before. And failed.

·         If you haven’t tried Hamburger Helpers Chicken Fried Rice your life isn’t complete.  Go get some.

·         I am currently taking applications for a Sister Wife.  Or someone to take my hubby off my hands.

·         We are expecting our first snow storm.  Between 1-4 inches.  Yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it.

·         I currently hurt a friends feeling and am now beating myself up.  This makes me sad.

·         I am going to buy myself new clothes with income tax.  What’s your must have item this season?

As you can see my life has been full of interesting facts. Or not. Whatever.  What are your feeling on becoming my Sister Wives?


  1. I dunno about the Sister Wives thing... but I do know that the Hamburger Helper Chicken Fried Rice is the bomb! I am having a hard time finding it now at our grocery stores, though. They better not discontinue it!

  2. I hope you patched things up with your friend. :( That's hard!


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