Monday, February 14, 2011

9 Months

9 months. It goes by in the blink of an eye.

You are so incredibly funny.  You love cheese. If you see me reach for the package you squeal.

You love watching Lael play basketball. I can see in your eyes that you can barely wait to be able to run with her.

You are always smiling.  You smile while still holding on to that paci. Sometimes you cry and smile at the same time.

You make the weirdest faces.  I try my best to get you to make them over and over just to catch them on camera.

You are a biter.  I have marks on my shoulders, finger and legs from you daggering me with those 6 knives.  Somehow you know better than to bite me while nursing.  Just so you know, the formula is only a few steps away.

You have finally started sleeping in your crib.  Only for about 5 hrs at night, but it's a start.  I'm so proud of you for this.  You are becoming such a big boy.

You aren't taking steps yet like your sister did at 9 months but there is no need to rush.  I want you to be a baby for as long as you want.

You like to dance now.  You have this cute little bounce you do whenever you hear music.  If I say "Go Kobi, go Kobi, go go go Kobi" you giggle and bounce.  So. Cute.

I am both excited and sad to be planning your first birthday already.  It's only a few months away. Can you guys believe it?

His 9mth checkup is next week. I'm excited to see how much you've grown.

Silly boy.


  1. Aww, look at him! So adorable!

    It seems just like yesterday that you gave birth! =)

  2. Ahahaha - love that last pic. He looks a bit weirded out by whatever you are trying to feed him!

  3. So cute! And Lael was walking at 9mos? Crap, my kids were barely crawling by then!


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