Friday, February 25, 2011

Kobi Love

I was at Lael's school for her 2nd Grade Spelling Bee (which I'll blog about later) and I saw this hanging on the wall outside of her classroom.


"My favorite person name is Kobi. Kobi lives with me. Kobi likes to grab stoth. I love to play with Kobi.  Kobi is my favorite person because he is the smallest one in my family."


I can't tell you how much my heart exploded with pride.

Even though she can't spell the word "stuff".


  1. So cute! DOn't you just love that?! Although, you should have it framed and remind her of her love for him when he is old enough to beat her up and get in her stuff and she complains. You can show her that she really does love him and he is her favorite person! ;) Too sweet!

  2. Aww, so sweet!!! Doesn't that make everything all worth it?


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