Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I have a new friend who has been more than great to me. She has one of the most BEAUTIFUL gardens in our neighborhood. I love to walk to her house and listen to her tell me all about the pretty flowers and plants that she has. She recently got really excited after finding a nursery nearby and talked about the great deals she got. She always said that her garden was overflowing and that one day she would split some of the plants and help me and my daughter start our own garden.

My garden on the other hand is a dry barren. No flower just weeds and dirt and occasionally a sprinkle of mulch. I have a green thumb, I just have no energy to use it. So last Friday I am away from home and my friend gives me a call. I tell her I'm not home but I'll give her a call when I return. I wonder on the drive home if she's made some type of yummy desert and she's willing to share (somehow she's turned into my soup kitchen). But to my surprise when I pull up she is standing in the middle of my garden with a shovel making friends with my dirt patch. Girlfriend had her husband help her carry over all these plants of hers that she split and she had proceeded to plant me a garden (hoping to finish before I returned). I could not have been more excited.

So I ended up helping her finish the rest of the planting and my daughter decided to join in. She wanted to help dig the holes and couldn't wait to water them. She then remembered that we had some seeds in the house (not that I had bought any). I tried to argue with her but she was completley sure that we had seeds to plant. I let her go and was curious to see what she would bring back. Then out she comes with my Ziploc bag full of....sunflower seeds! We just giggled, how would she know any better, she's 4. Well we decided to let her plant a few just to see...you never know.

Because sunflower seeds should produce sunflowers right??

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  1. So how are them sunflower seeds doing? I had forgotten about that, boy that was truly hilarious. One for the books


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