Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Meltdown Was Uncalled For

Dearest Almost 6 Year Old Child Of Mine,

What happened last night was one I would like to forget!

The screaming, the crying, the complete meltdown.  Really?

I promise I will behave myself next time.

I know I probably frightened you and you will forever be terrified of doing math.

Daddy will be taking over homework time from now on since I apparently can't control my emotions.

Even though you are now able to add 90+6 or 18+5 without a pencil and paper, ONLY USING YOUR FINGERS, at what cost?!

Have I ruined you forever.  Will you shiver and sweat when you see numbers from now on?

This morning as you brushed your teeth you told me. "Mom, I get it.  19+5=24!!" 

Yes, yes it is.  Dear lord what have I done?

My dearest, heartfelt, apology,

Crazy Hormonal Mommy


  1. Nice.....

    I've been helping SD with her math (6th grade) and I'm sorry but I have NEVER had to convert watt to kilowatt. EVER.

    Talk about frustration!

  2. Oh my, yes, let daddy take that subject over. It happens to us all, call it bad timing, hormones, or just mommy madness. Hugs to you.

  3. Oh, the HOMEWORK!!!!

    Poonch and I have gotten into the some doozies over math. I mean, it has gotten really nasty at times. I am trying to fix that, and have been a lot better lately. But the best thing happened at her Back to School night in Sept..her teacher mentioned something about there are some children who just can't do homework with their parents no matter how we try, and if that is the case, just call her.


  4. seriously i thought i was the only one....i get SOOO frustrated when trying to help...i always make jason do it cause i cant keep my cool!!

  5. Kids all over the world have had crazy hormonal mommies. She'll be okay! I hope you are, though. Pregnancy can sure be a roller coaster!

  6. I'd already told hubby from the get-go that when the children get to do fractions and other other more complicated stuff, he has to take over! This coming from a daughter of a math professor.

  7. Math makes me scream like a crazy woman, too. Math sucks ass.

  8. Oh God. Helping kids with homework is so torturous!! I feel for both of you!!

  9. My daughter told me she didn't want me to help her. Or to teach her. On one hand, I appreciate her honesty. On the other hand, I KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING. I have a feeling I'll be apologizing soon as well...

    (PS: The title of this post made me laugh!)

  10. Ahhh, sorry you had a bad night. I've been there too. For some reason homework brings out the absolute worst in me. I am happy to hear that I'm not the only one though. :-)


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