Friday, October 9, 2009

Bursting To Let It Out

Me and Lael have been having an ongoing battle this week. Well actually since school started. But this week I’ve decided to crack the whip.

Lael has a problem.

She’s a chatter box.

I’m sure most kids this age are but I really do think she takes it to the extreme. I know that for her age she would normally be in Kindergarten but the fact is she isn’t. She’s in the 1st grade and has to act like it.

Her teacher means business. There are rules and those rules must be followed.

Some of the rules include: No Talking In The Hallway, No Talking During Circle Time, No Talking During Sharing Time (unless you are asking them a question), etc…

Lael finds this very hard.

Her teacher has a reward system. You get 4 stripes everyday at the beginning of the day. The goal is to keep all your stripes until the end of the day to earn a star on the Star Chart. If you get 1 taken away you have a chance to earn it back with good behavior. If you get 2 taken away to can get them both back so you will surely not get a star. If you get 3 taken away you get a note sent home. If you get all 4 taken away you get a phone call to your parents.

Lael hasn’t made it past 2 being taken away but that’s as far as I’ll let this game go.

I don’t think that is is really that hard. Follow the simple rules. She has gotten her stripes taken away for a variety of reasons but mostly it’s talking.

I know that it has to be hard at school because I can’t get her to stop talking at home.

If I’m on a phone call she insists that whatever she has to tell me is soooooo important that it can’t wait until I hang up the phone.

This is how our last conversation went.

“Mom, I’ve got to tell you something. It’s really important.”

“Lael, I’m on the phone. Give me a minute and I’ll come talk to you.”

“But Mom….”

“Lael! I’m on the phone wait…”


“Stop. Hold that though, let me finish talking on the phone!”

She then presses her lips together for a few seconds and then yells out….

“Ah! I can’t hold it in. I just really need to tell you.”

Seriously. It’s like she’s going to explode if she can’t get her thoughts out right then and there.

We have had talks about when it’s appropriate to talk and when it’s time to be quiet. She understands but I think she really struggles with it.

Out of 30 something days of school she’s only gotten 4. I repeat 4 stars. Most for talking offenses.

Something’s got to change. If she fills her chart with stars she gets to get a magic pencil. My child needs the magic pencil. Don’t you see. It’s like a game.

I explained to her she needs to win the game. Get the most stars and you win! I even told her that for every 5 stars she get I will get her a prize.

Bribing? Maybe. Whatever, judge if you want. I gotta do what I gotta do to make this thing happen.

All week she got stripes taken away. Until I broke it down to her. Now that it’s a game with incentives she is excited.

Yesterday she came home and announced that she got a star.


Game on!


  1. Hahaha, she sounds like my youngest, who at 12.5 years old is still a chatterbox! I hope she conitnues to get those stars.

  2. I have one of those only it is of the male variety. Self control takes years to master. She'll learn. Not overnight but eventually. Keep up the hard work, mom.

  3. I have two chatterboxes myself, but thankfully, they have some of my husband's (more reserved) genes in them, so that they're not over-the-top.

    In Kindergarten, I was actually "moved" to sit with the boys in the hopes that I would be quieter around them and not talk during class. Apparently it didn't really work.

  4. I have the same problem with my oldest, although not so much at school as at home. She talks CONSTANTLY and not only is she a chatterbox, but she repeats things over and over. I just want to scream


    (OK, I admit it, sometimes I do scream that. Mean mommy and all.)

  5. That is the only thing I ever got in trouble for...talking too much! But there were no stars! And prizes! And a game! I would have been all over that.

  6. Perfect way to get her to follow the rules, make it a game! I was so shy when I was in school, it just baffles my mind that kids can talk so much!

  7. Our daughters are two peas in a pod. We have our own little built in narrator living with us.

    I feel like I'm on The Truman Show.

  8. I think most first graders are like this. One of my co-workers that works with first graders say they are the most talkative little things ever! lol

    With discipline, patience and incentives she better change! :P

    You are doing great. ;)

  9. Reading this is like looking into my future...

  10. I have a talker too. OY!

    My new blog is up, would love to have you visit. :)

  11. I don't know how well she can write, but I tell my chatter bugs to write it down. Then, when we have a moment, they can share what was written. Usually they decide that nothing was really worth saying.

    I actually allow them a couple minutes at the end of class to say their "random thoughts" Rarely do I have any takers.


    it might help her learn to control it if she writes down her thoughts. Try it when your on the phone.

  12. OH. My. Gosh.... she sounds JUST like my middle child. A firecracker chatterbox. LOL!

  13. Jordan is in the 1st grade too, and is the biggest chatterbox I know! He doesn't know when to stop. His poor teacher is so kind and sweet, but I know sometimes she wishes for earplugs!

    Hugs and Mocha,


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