Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Nutcracker

Last week I chaperoned Lael’s field trip.  We were lucky enough to see the Washington Ballet perform The Nutcracker.

This was Lael’s second time seeing this performance.   She and her fellow 1st graders sat silently through the entire play in silence.

Too bad I couldn’t say the same for the 4th graders.

They were gorgeous, graceful and elegant.  She wants to see it again next year.

It’s funny how traditions accidentally happen.

Not that I mind at all.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?


  1. My Mom took me to the Nutcracker when I was little and I couldn't get over the guys in the tights. Apparently I told her..."no wonder they call it the Nutcracker."

    I had class even back then.

  2. I saw my first Nutcracker right after having my 2nd child and promptly fell asleep - oops. I mean I was sleep deprived and here I was in a dark room, in a comfy chair, with beautiful music. Mother-in-law never invited us again. The next time was with 15 fourth grade Girl Scouts - it went much better and they all loved it as did I.

  3. My family are sooo not traditional! We hardly celebrate stuff! My mom hates social events of all kinds! And my dad loves them! total opposites! My dad is in CA right now and Im with my mom down here so I don't mind if we dont do much for the holidays but when father gets back she better be ready to party up! LOL

  4. Gabe just saw it with a friend on Friday and Loved it!! We have lots of traditions...making cookies is my favorite!


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