Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Through Her Eyes

She is awaken at 6:20. Way too early for a little person.

She has to be dressed because she is still half asleep.

She gets walked down the street to get picked up by a bus full of kids bigger and louder than she.

30 minutes later she drags herself to a cafeteria full of noise and tries to eat breakfast.

A day full of sit here. Don’t touch that. Listen carefully. Keep your voices low.

Story time. Art time. Music time. Chinese lessons. Lunch. Recess. Math time. Journal time.

Finally snack time.

Back on the bus for another 30 minute adventure.

Back home. Time to play. But only for a few. Homework time.





The life of a 1st grader.


Last Wednesday I spent the day with Lael. I went to her school. Chaperoned a field trip. And watched everything. Indoor recess. Snack time. Journal time. Chinese lesson. I have a better understanding of what type of student she is. It has helped me figure out what areas I can help her improve in.

It also gave me an understanding of how HARD life can be for such a little person. Because of this I have more patience. I got home that day and could barely keep my eyes open.

If I was exhausted I can only imagine how she feels everyday.

Remember that. School days can be tough on your little ones. Now when she has a meltdown I look down on her and smile. Not because it’s ok but because I understand.


  1. And the pressure I put on my little one to succeed has to make it all the more harder on her.

    Great post!

  2. Sometimes we forget. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. Excellent post. School is not what it was when I was little. The expectations placed on our children from such a young age have gone up dramatically. Glad you got a chance to see her life as she does.

  4. First grade is the new 2nd grade. It's sad. My first grader, who has always loved school, hates it now.

  5. School is very tough! Especially for a lil one just like yours! We have to learn to be patient!

    I try to be patient with the kids at school cause sometimes they have P.E before English and their brains are just dead!! xD

  6. I'm with Lindy. You're AWESOME Keyona! I love ya!

  7. Oh, I hear ya on this one. Just when I am about to explode about something, I try to think about everything my kids have been through all day, and I try to be reasonable. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Great post!

  8. You are so right!! I try and remember that too.


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