Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Joy Looks Like


We got our first snow of the season on Saturday. It filled us with so much joy!

Life has been so different for me lately. I have so much to say but can't manage to get it out.

I've missed you bloggy friends. And I've still been silently stalking you all, just haven't commented like I usually do.


The pregnancy has been going wonderfully! I have my next appt on Friday. I'm hoping they take a peek to see the sex but my hopes are not up.

Can you all believe I will be 5 months in 4 days?!


I have been so disconnected from my camera lately and had almost forgotten how much I love to take pictures. My goal will be to post a picture everyday from now until the New Year. Wish me luck!


Today was Parent/Teacher Conf day. You all know how nervous I was, especially after getting her report card. The good thing was that I've chaperoned the last 2 field trips and have gotten a lot of 1-on-1 time with her teacher. Because of that, she had already expressed some of her concerns with me. I have been focusing alot of my time working with my baby and keeping her from having to repeat the 1st grade.

So today was kind of a big day. Well, all my hard work has paid off. She said that she didn't know what I was doing but she has noticed a drastic change in Lael. She is participating, her handwriting has improved, her reading is at 60% and she is only required to be at 30% right now. She does still need work with her math but that is normal. I was so relieved! She's such a smart kid and now it's showing.

My point is, not everything is perfect right now but if this may be as close to it as I will get for now. And because of that, I am joyful.


  1. Love the pic - you can see the joy and excitement. YAY, for Lael and YAY for you. Great work, mom.

  2. Sometimes they just need us to re-focus on them, they don't know how to say it but they show it. Great job Mom!!

    And the pic? E did that this past weekend too, except she stopped in the middle of crossing the parking lot to catch them on her tongue. It's the little stuff, like catching snowflakes, that makes me happy!

  3. Oh, I absolutely love your picture!!

    Well done, Mom and Lael!

  4. Wonderful picture!! Maes me really wish it'd snowed here! :(

    I'm glad the pregnancy is going well! 5 months!! god damn! Time sure does fly by and fast!!

  5. Yes, yes do share more photos!! That image is priceless! So happy to hear the school update as well. I can't believe how the weeks have passed by---I guess it's only your own pregnancies that drag along!

  6. Olivia and I were catching the snowflakes on our tongues too!! I'm glad everything's going well...can't believe it's 5 months!

  7. What a spectacular picture! Definitely a keeper. And yay for both you and Lael. Keep up the great job, but be sure to rest somewhere in between!

  8. That picture! It is so unbelievable! Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well.

    Try not to let the Christmas stress get to you.

    Maybe I should try that too.

  9. What a wonderful photo. Pure joy!


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