Friday, February 26, 2010

28 Weeks (7 Months)

Alright peeps.  Let the countdown begin. 

I am officially 28 weeks.  This is the beginning of my 7th month.

Can I get a woot woot?

I missed my last appointment due the the last snow storm we had (yeah there's been alot of THOSE this winter).

Because of that today was an EXTRA long hospital visit.

I got there on time and tried to distract the nurse while she was weighing me. I wasn't very sucessful.

I am a little skeptical because taking my weight at 1 in the afternoon isn't entirely it?

So that's what an automatic 5 10 lb deduction. Right?  Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Bubby is doing great.  They checked me and had a nerve to say he's a little active. They mentioned keeping track of his movements.  10 times within every 2 hrs.

Were they kidding?  He.Doesn't.Stop.Moving.

So then I was off to get blood taken.  At this point I still hadn't had lunch and it was bordering on 2pm.

Cool, no problem, I'll grab something when they are done. 

So I thought.

I find out that I have to drink my Glucose (I got NO warning) and then had to get more blood after sitting still for an HOUR and not eating for an HOUR.  Then I had to give a urine sample and then drop off my first set of blood to the blood bank for my Rhogam shot and blah blah blah.

3hrs later I finally left complete with a bandage on my arse, but the nurse did draw a smiley face on it so, you know, that was nice.

Got lost getting home and all that jazz so it was a loooooooooong day.  But it's ok. Bubby is ok, I'm ok, the world is ok.

I have decided I am going to have another C-section.  Did I tell yall that already.  Oh well, now you know twice.

It will be scheduled for my 39th week so somewhere between the 16 and 21st of May.  Yipee!

Ok, well that's all for now.  I've been really tired lately so that's why my posts haven't been as regular.  Forgive me.

Ok, so here are pictures from this morning.

Have a good weekend my dears!


  1. You look great! This has gone so fast...

    I love reading about pregnancy stuff, I'm glad you're keeping us up-to-date. The glucose tests were the worst. I can't imagine going through that in the middle of the day and without warning.

  2.'re in DC now...i forgot. not atlanta. guess we won't be seeing you at the hospital in 2 mos.

  3. Hey! That sounds like the day I went for my glucose test and butt shot. It felt like I was there for 8 hours...

    I love that you called him Bubby! I call my son that - one day Buddy & Baby came out in one word. He usually gets Bubs or Bubbers.

    Glad things are going well! You look great!

  4. omg!!! maybe i knew, but i havent been on any blogs in so long if i did know i forgot!! HEE HEE im soo happy for you! your adorable!!

  5. wow, it's been 6.5 years for me. One and done. I'm not sure if I could have done it again and listening to your day at the Dr. makes me realize I was probably right.

  6. Has it been 7 months already! Wow, your baby will be here in just a few more posts. :)

    You look great, K.

  7. aaaahhh!! I'm so happy for being part of your followers and seeing how you go through this process! :)

    Yu look amazing.

  8. Woot woot!

    I say any weight measurement after breakfast is automatic 10 pounds off.

    You look fabulous!

  9. Just stumbled across your blog today, and I just had to say that is one serious 7 month bump! You look amazing though! :)

  10. Congratulations! You are absolutely darling. Also, oh my gosh you are strong. I puked their yucky orange drink back up and I had eaten before hand!

  11. Ok - I never had a glucose test - why is that needed?

    And you are still looking as cute as ever!

  12. You're moving along, lady! YAY! I HATED that stupid glucose test. That was the nastiest thing I have ever drank in my entire life! Yuck!

    Anyway, I also hated when the doc told me to "monitor the baby's movement." He was constantly roaming around my uterus too!

    Congratulations on 7 months!!! And you're having a little Taurus baby yay! My son is a Taurus.

  13. Good God, you look spectacular!! I can't believe it's been 7 mos already (although I am pretty sure you think differently, LOL!)...


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