Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Dreamhouse

Every year there is that one hot Christmas item that drives me crazy.

The past few years have been especially difficult because, well, we’re broke.

I mean I know we are ALL broke but I’m broke broke.

So you can imagine my pain when Lael and D both put the Barbie Dream Townhouse on their lists last year. It was around $145.

If you remember, we ended up getting both of the girls DSI’s so the Barbie house didn’t make the cut.

So, naturally when Lael gave me her list this year that damn house was on the top of the list again.

Then I was torn. Torn because it was on her sister’s list again.

Then I told my brother about it.

Him being the hero that he is (figuratively and literally) , he decided to help me pay for it.

I decided to leave the guilt behind me because the fact it Lael deserves it and I’m going to make sure she gets it and deal with everything else later.

So then began the hunt.

Apparently Wal-Mart sold it for $125 but they were sold out.

Target had it going for $130 but they were sold out.

Toys R Us had it in stock but for $179.

Amazon had it in stock for $159.

Damn. I obsessively checked these websites over the last few days waiting for them to restock or put them on sale.

So after talking to my brother I decided to order from Amazon before they ran out.

I went online to order but decided to check Target one more time.

Guess what?

They had them in stock. And on sale.

On sale for $123. And get this: FREE SHIPPING!!!

But it gets better.

I remembered that Lael’s godfather had sent her a $50 gift card so I applied that and my brother only had to pay around 80 bucks.

I feel like I just made Target and Mattel my bitches.

Even though I didn’t.

But if feels like it.

The point is I’m going to have one happy little girl on Christmas morning. (or later depending on the delivery date which ranged from Dec 21st-Jan 6th)

And because I awesome l’m gonna give my brother all the credit.

I know, I’m like a saint or something.


  1. Oh I'm happy you were able to make it work! I don't know how it is to have kids old enough to want something yet, but I'm terrorized.

  2. Christmas morning will never be the same! Good job, Mama!

  3. This made me happy. What we do for our kids, and I'm sure glad you checked on Target! You are awesome!

  4. I'm so glad you got it and it was reasonable!! I'm all for help if it's for the kids.

  5. Suh-weet!! Your brother is awesome. :)


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