Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Because It's Kinda Your J-O-B

Dear Winch #1,

The other lines were backed up.

There was no one in your line when you saw me and my family approach you.

Yet you continued to carry on your conversation with Winch #2.

I don't CARE about your IV. I don't CARE about ANY of your medical issues.

I do feel bad if you ARE sick, and in that case take your H1N1 ass home because it's for the best.

If not I have a suggestion.

Turn around. Greet me with a smile. Ask me how I'm doing. Take my items and ring them up.

Do NOT tell me that you can only take me if I have 5 items or less.

I have kinda been shopping there for 10+ years and KNOW that is total bullshit.

And when my husband decides to purchase tobacco from your counter so that you HAVE to ring up our items, do not once AGAIN ask me how many items I have, proceed to sigh, and then tell me you'll ring me up like you're doing me a FAVOR!

And what I really don't want you to do is then to ring up 1 item and then tell me that you don't know the sales prices or codes.

You are kinda working in the CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT where people would go if their items WEREN'T ringing up with the SALE price.

It will piss me off. But I won't say anything because I'm a lady.

But you better bet your Winchy ass that I got your name and Winch #2's and your supervisor has been notified.

You forget we are ALL working for the military.

Don't you know who I work for?

Guess not.

Bet you'll find out in the morning.

With much bitchiness and the power to GET YOUR ASS FIRED,

SSgt Pissed-Off


  1. Hiring good help is tough!! With the bad economy, I have noticed some improvement in the quality of the cashiers.

  2. You have a lot of nerve expecting people to do the job they're being paid for. And who are you to try to spend money in the establishment that employs them? (Did you really rat them out? I hope you did.)

  3. Gee, I wonder where Lael gets it from.

  4. I LOVE IT. I'm the same way with retail workers - only because I used to be one. I'm such a bitch when it comes to expecting customer service!

  5. Good for you, turn them in. I hate that sort of attitude like they are doing me a favor - it is their freaking job!

  6. Absolutely you did the right thing! I cannot stand it when cashiers start chatting with their next door neighbors and ignore me. Or if I'm at McDonald's or wherever and I get up to the person and they just look at me. No "Hi may I take your order?" or anything, just a stare. So often times I'll just stare back until they feed me their line. ;-)

  7. "Don't you know who I work for?"

    OMG, I would love to be able to throw that line out to people who annoy me!

  8. *snaps fingers* That's right girl!

    Yeah, some of the services are bad and they give you such a bitchy look and attidude! My mom is a tiny human being but oh lord will she tell some people off when those things happen to us. She's scary. lol

  9. have power, woman!! I love it!!


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