Thursday, September 24, 2009

Speaking In Steps

Homework is finally starting to pick up for Lael. The first 2 weeks she had the traditional “Circle The Shape That Doesn’t Belong” or “Practice Writing The Letter ‘R’” or “Patters: What Shape Comes Next?”. Stupid stuff. Stuff she was doing in Pre-K a couple of years ago.

It was all a trick. They wanted us to think that she would have homework that took her 2.5 seconds to do and I wouldn't have a repeat of last year. This week they have stepped the game up a bit.

It started last week with a picture of an eyeball. And arrows that pointed to different parts. And words like “lashes”, “cornea”, and “retina”. She had to label the different parts of an eye.


How did she go from practicing writing letters to being able to tell me “Mom, your cornea looks a little red today”? Really? Thanks honey.

This week they are studying apples. Wednesday they had to bring in an apple for an apple graph, today she had to take in apple sauce, tomorrow she has to wear clothes that are the color of apples and are going on a field trip to an orchard to….You guessed it. Pick Apples!

Yesterday her homework was to name the parts of an apple. “Stem”, “core”, “seeds”, etc. I am very impressed. But now on top of that she had 10 spelling words that she had to write 2x and know how to spell them.

Things are definitely picking up for her. In her school she is learning Chinese, learning how to read music, getting Ballet Lesson from the Washington Ballet Studio and more.

My only problem is that I think they are starting to brainwash them a bit. When I get home this is what I get.

“Mom I have 3 steps to tell you. Step 1, I ate all my lunch. Step 2, I have homework but it’s easy today. Step 3, can I ride my bike later?”

I have no problem with any of the above steps. What puzzles me is WHY THE HELL IS MY CHILD SPEAKING IN STEPS???

I’m a little afraid. Better keep my "lens" on this one.


  1. I call foul.

    Seriously, how are you in my drafts?

    Emily had the same eye worksheet and calls the pink thing in the corner a "pimple." It's a post I was saving for when I found that damn sheet so I could take a picture of it and post it.

    Dammit if it isn't in my house somewhere.....

  2. That is pretty hilarious! I can't imagine a child speaking in steps! Sounds like she is one smart cookie!

  3. Wow! That is a lot of work. Maybe if you tackle it together in steps...

  4. I kind of wish my children spoke in steps. It might make my life easier. :)

  5. Hehehe...well, it isn't that bad is it? It could be worse, she could be writing your name on the board when you do something she isn't pleased with.

  6. Damn some kids just pick things up really fast!

    She's a smarty! Ballet? I bet she looks simply adorable!

  7. Too funny...."speaking in steps"!!
    But, I do think kids are given WAY TOO MUCH homework these days... they are not allowed to relax and be kids.... boo!!

  8. Please tell me that that won't happen to my kid. She is 6 and the homework now is way less than in Kindergarten, if you can believe it. I'm just waiting for it to be packed on any moment

  9. Speaking in steps or speaking Chinese...either way, it's pretty impressive!

  10. My kids are in for it then, because I speak that way. I don't mean to, but I love breaking things down in steps and writing lists. It's like my mental way of keeping things in order when everything around me is in chaos. Maybe her teacher is a fellow Type A individual?


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