Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Whole Lot Goin' On

I know I've been absent around these parts since Friday.

I have had a lot going on. I know yall are dying to know right? No? I'm telling you anyway. You know because of that "it's my blog and I can do what I want" thing. Ahem.

So, Friday I went to a BBQ at my friend's son's school. Yeah, Lael doesn't go to his school but who passes up free pulled pork sandwiches. Yeah. I thought you'd understand.

Saturday, me and my friend Carlota and the kids got up and headed out to a Navy Rec Place that has picnic areas, a pool, Putt Putt Golf and a beach. The kids played around on the beach while me and Carlota tried to dodge the wind. It was a fun day but man was it windy.

We then headed back to DC where we had a sleepover and got pretty much NO SLEEP. Fun though!

Sunday, I cleaned house and relaxed. Later Sunday night I realized that I had miscalculated my period. Since I've taken out my IUD my periods have been 25 days apart. Sunday night made 29 days since my last period.

I took a home test and it came up with one bright line and one very dim line. Totally positive right?! I wasn't sure, so I did what every girl would do. Throw on a sweatshirt and walk to my friends house for a second opinon.

She totally agreed that it was positive! But, I still decided not to tell hubby until I confirmed it. I decided I would get a blood test from the military the next day.

So, yesterday I made an appointment at the clinic and the doctor sets it all up. I go into the lab and start to roll my sleeve up when they hand me urine cup. Are you F-ing kidding me! I need a blood test people!! So, I gave them the goods and then of couse they don't call me back within the 2 hrs that was promised. I call them and guess what....

They said it was negative. Really? So I have one positive test. One negative test. It's been 31 days since my last period and my boobs are killing me. I don't know what to do now but wait.

Later last night my brother, you know, The Marine, came into town. He ended up getting some leave that he thought he wouldn't and will be with me for 10 days before he heads off to war.

Before he got in me, Carlota, and another friend went out to The Melting Pot and totally seduced the waiter. We had such a blast. Many drinks (mostly free due to our hott flirty efforts), cheese and lots of chocolate we ended the night. It was the most fun I've had in a while. Thanks girls! Love yall!

As you read this I have ANOTHER friend that is on a plane coming from Florida to stay with me for a few days and TONIGHT I have Lael's Back-To-School Night.

So, now you see why I have not commented and been posting. Just having too much damn fun over here.

There has totally been a WHOLE LOT GOIN' ON!


  1. I was wondering where you up and went to! So glad your brother got some unexpected time to hang before he heads off. Argh on the +/- test stuff! The waiting and wondering is never easy.

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  3. You have been a busy girl. I haven't been around because I have been sick. So sick that I haven't wanted to do a thing except for lay on the couch. Blah.

    I say you are preggers. Go out and buy a 2 pk. of tests and take them both--fingers crossed!!

  4. Let's hope the doctor was wrong. They can be wrong sometimes. Keeping my fingers (and toes!) crossed for you. :)

  5. K so I've had the same urine test problems. I even went as far as to make my Doctor's office give me my money back for the urine test since I was in fact pregnant when they told me I wasn't. Try again first pee of the morning.


  6. I don't turn down free pulled pork either.

    Good luck!!

  7. wow!!! im personally hoping for a positive!! keepin my fingers crossed!! :)

  8. Sounds like your having fun!

    My boobs have been hurting too! oh! oh!! :P Well, just wait and see what happens. :)

    Take Care of yourself and keep us updated. *hugs*

  9. I was planning on being there the 19th-24th, we're still on right ;)

    I say your pg by the way - even a dim line means you are pg. Maybe the doc's office got confused. Keep us posted.

  10. Um. You're totally pregnant. But I will wait to congratulate you until you know for sure. :)

  11. I was always told it is 10x more likely to be a false negative than a false positive! I am praying for you!

    You are one busy girl and i am sooooooo jealous of the Melting Pot! We dont have one anywhere close :(

  12. Hmmm...I don't think that 3 drinks is a LOT! That was one of the best drinks I have EVAH had! :)


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