Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Hope I've Done Her Proud

My recent decision to try for another child brought up a question among one of my friends last week.

How did I come up with Lael's name?

Not most of you know this but both my mom and dad are police. When I was younger my mom used to take me on ride alongs.

I got to see really cool things. Riding the streets in the front seat of a police car can be very exciting for a 10 yr old.

Because I was riding along there were a limit of "runs" my mom was allowed to take.

One of the calls she got one day was about a set of sisters having a loud argument.

I remember my mom asking if I felt comfortable enough for her to take the run.

Of course! I wanted to see some action. She left me in the car so that she could confirm it was safe.

She came back down and told me it was ok to come with her into the apartment.

Inside was a set of Arabic sisters. I remember how beautiful they were. Olive colored skin, dark brown eyes, and jet black hair.

While my mom took their statements I wandered around and found a little girl sitting on a blanket playing with toys.

She was equally as gorgeous as the sisters.

I sat down on the blanket and played with the little girl. I immediately fell in love with her.

She had a smile that could light up a room and a laugh that would tickle your bones.

We managed to have a great time even though she didn't understand English.

The sisters had resolved their issue and it was time to leave. My mom had to force me.

Weeks went by and I couldn't stop thinking about her. I begged my mom to let me ride with her so we could go play.

Over and over she refused.

Finally, one day she gave in.

We went to visit and I ended up spending most of the day with them instead of keeping my mom company.

This went on for a few months. Overall I had visited 6 or 7 times.

I don't remember why exactly, but a few more months went by without me being able to see my little friend.

When I finally made it back there I immediately knew something was wrong. She wasn't there.

In all my visits we sat on the blanket and played. The blanket was no longer there.........

My friend had passed away.

Apparently she had been born sick.

I never knew exactly what was wrong but the reason she was always on a blanket was because she couldn't walk.

The argument that had occurred months before between the sisters was about her health.

I was devastated.

I cried. I screamed. I didn't understand how God could take a way a little child.

I clung to the sisters for what seemed like an eternity.

I never found out which one was her mother but I looked at both of them and swore that one day I would grow up.

I would get married.

I would have children.

I knew way back then that my first child would be a girl and I told them that no matter what, I would name my first daughter after her.


That was her name.

When me and my husband found out we were having a girl, I cried, but not for all the reasons he thought.

Every time someone asks about Lael's name I smile a little.

I lost touch with the sister's. I don't even remember their names.

I wish I could find them to let them know I kept my promise.

I have a feeling either way they knew I would.


  1. What a touching story! *Had to wipe away the beginning of a tear..*

  2. Wow. That's amazing.

    What an awesome tribute to someone so obviously special to you.

    Do you know if her name means anything in particular?

  3. Keyona, that is beautiful story behind the inspiration for your daughter's name. Surely those sisters would be deeply moved that you never forgot the little girl you met when you were only 10.

  4. What an amazing story. What a deep honor to name your dd after that little girl. I am sure your visits were precious to her, so glad your mom gave in.

  5. Oh this breaks my heart and makes me smile at the same time. We never do understand all of God's plans but they are his not ours and thats what matters.

    I believe they are proud!

  6. That is such a neat story. I'm sure that you have done her proud!

  7. That's a really sweet story. How interesting that the name means "belonging to God", and that God took her back to be with Him.

  8. What an amazing story! That is the most meaningful story I've ever heard for a name, and I'm not just saying that. Beautiful!

  9. Now that gave me chills.

  10. Wonderful story! Your parents are both police officers!! Too cool.

    Beautiful tribute to the Lael.

  11. beautiful. everything about this...just beautiful.

  12. this is one of the most touching posts I've read in a while. What an incredible story. Stumbling now. Hope many others will read it

  13. Amazing! I love this post. Beautiful!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  14. What a beautiful story. Such heart behind your amazing daughter's name.

  15. Wow, what a special story. Your daughter has a very special name :)


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