Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And Then I Blinked

I remember when you wouldn't leave my side.

I couldn't go anywhere without you tagging along.

If I left the house for the store you would run outside barefoot to make me stop and wait for you.

You used to make me play with you at the park instead of playing with the other kids.

But something was different about you last Friday.

You held my hand all the way up to the school doors. 

But once we went inside and you spotted your friends, you were no longer mine.

You belonged to them.  Your group of best friends.

You danced with them.

You laughed with them.

You whispered secrects in their ears.

You held hands with them.

You chased them around.

They made you laugh.

I sat on the sidelines staying out of your way.

Far enough for you to have your space but close enough to see you at all times.

I don't know when you grew up.  I supposed it was when I blinked.

It was time to leave.  I was a little sad that I didn't have as much fun with you as I thought I would.

But the most important thing was that you had fun.

But before we left our favorite song came on.

I blinked again. 

Then you grabbed my hand.

You asked me to dance.

I picked you up and you laughed, you smiled, you squealed, and you whispered to me.

The words you said made me remember that though you have grown up you are still my baby.

"Mommy, I saved the best dance for you because you are my best friend."

Ditto baby. Ditto.


  1. Goosebumps and teary eyes. That is what this post gave me.

  2. Those are just the sweetest words! I would have a difficult time blinking away the tears... So precious.

  3. that is soooo beautiful. my kid is 6 and I know how you feel. It breaks my heart

  4. Awww, man, you got me good, Keyona!! sniff, sniff...

  5. I'm not sure if it helps that L is just a few steps ahead of my girl in this growing up thing. Hope six is full of awesome for the boy of ya!

  6. Keyona!! You say the sweetest thing ever! Really touching! *hugs*

  7. Oh man, what a beautifully bittersweet post. Reading it made me feel wistful, followed quickly by a strange need for another child. Thank goodness you're pregnant. After a post like that, someone has to have a baby. And it certainly isn't me. :)

  8. I am dreading the moment when my little one doesn't want to hold my hand anymore. I know its coming and its just around the corner.

  9. That is really sweet of your baby :) it really did bring tears in my eyes.

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  10. Ahh! That made me cry! I love how you write


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