Monday, October 26, 2009

I Had This Conversation All Because Of Cartoon Network

Scene: Saturday evening in my home, my husband had let Lael watch and episode of King of The Hill ( I DID NOT APPROVE) and it had went off.  If any of you have ever watched Cartoon Network "after hours" there is a little sumin' sumin' called Adult Swim.  Yeah, you get the point.  So King of the Hill went off and this is what happened......

Me: "Lael, give me the remote so I can change the channel."

Lael: "Why mommy, does this show have blood in it, I will cover my eyes."

Me: "No, it just has words bad words in it."

Lael: "Well Spongebob has bad words in it and you let me watch it."

Me:  "Yes, well Spongebob has words I don't like but that show has bad words I don't even want you to hear."

Lael: "Oh you so Spongebob says words like the "S" word and the "D" word."

Me: "What are those words?"

Lael: "You know, Stupid and Dumb."

Me: "Yes, those are not good words to use, do you know any other bad words you shouldn't use?"

Lael: "Yeah, I don't say Fat, or Ugly, those are mean.  Also the "F" word."

Ok, this is where the conversation took a turn for the worse.  I didn't know what she thought the "F" word was.  I just knew for sure that when she said the "S" word she would say "Shit" but no, "Stupid" was her word of choice.

Me: "Oh, what's the "F" word?"

Lael: "Fuck!"

At this point I gasped, covered my mouth with both hands and did my best to cover up my giggles.  Mature. I know.

Me: "Lael where did you hear that?"

Lael: "Some of the big kids on the bus say: What the fuck is going on?"

Yes, I died a little.  Well ok, a lot.  She know not to use those words.

Thanks Cartoon Network, you  made my Saturday a whole fucking lot better.


  1. LOL! You fell right into that! I would have too after the "S" and "D" words. How sweet that they were Stupid and Dumb.

  2. Hoo boy. I thought she would probably say fart. That's what my kids think the F-word is.

    At least she knows!

  3. King of the Hill - the ONLY time that show is allowed on in our house is when the two youngest are in bed.

    And don't get me started on Spongebob.

    But nice job on the f word!

  4. the bus is terrible...but definitely a rite of passage!!

  5. At least the language came from the bus and not your car while stuck in traffic.

    You know, where it might surface on a rainy Saturday afternoon for us...

  6. I'm just waiting for my kid to start cussing. I loved that S and D are dumb and stupid. Whew!

  7. Caught my two year old yelling something that resembled 'Shut the f*ck up!'. Baaaaaaaad.

    Little jugs have big ears.

  8. How appalling! You should've known you wouldn't go 3 for 3, though.

  9. Yeah, my son and daughter call the S-word "stupid0".

    Today my daughter asked me what the N-word was because there was a story on the morning news about a woman who was called that word while getting beat up outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant not long ago. Oh boy ...

  10. What the fuck? LOL!!

    Damn nowadays kids know all sorts of bad words! xD


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