Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cloning Myself's Always An Option

I’ve been totally out of it lately.

I thought I had got the swing of things once I started back to work.

I’ve spent the past 6 years being the parent of one kid and then for shits and giggles threw in another.

The thing is I’m not an organized person.

Seriously. It’s bad.

I thought I had my shit together, but then school started back up.

And then soccer started.

And gymnastics will start.

And I’m out of shape.

Note: I totally started P90X and then quit because, seriously, who has time to work out AND watch tv?

Here’s a rundown of my schedule:

6:15-6:20: Get out of the bed with the baby

6:30: Wake Lael up, give baby to hubby, shower

6:45: Take baby back from hubby (because he needs to snooze), get dressed, get Lael together

7:15: Send Lael off to the bus, nurse the baby

7:20: Leave for work (I walk)

7:30-11:30: Work (pump once)

1130-12:30- Walk home for lunch, nurse the baby, walk back to work

12:30-4:30: Work (pump once)

4:30-Walk back home

4:45-Nurse baby

5:00-Help with homework

5:30-6:30-Soccer on Mondays and Wednesdays

6:00-7:00-Finish homework if needed/Dinner

7:00-7:30-Nurse baby/

8:30- Get Lael into bed

After I get Lael in the bed I try to get dishes done, pack her lunch, wash bottles, blah blah blah.

I am in the bed by 10 and I’m exhausted. I need to clean, vacuum, do laundry.

In addition to that I need to start working out, I’m room parent for Lael’s class, and I need to start studying for Tech (my next rank).

I need tips on how to make things work. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day.

How do you guys stay organized and sane at the same time?


  1. I think instead of P90X (and I can say this b/c I've done it all the way through twice), just move. You're walking four times a day, right? How far? Why don't you add in some light weight routines while you're watching TV and call it a day? You JUST had a baby!!! ;) You'll just have to give yourself some time to adjust...it ain't easy!!

  2. I'm sorry? Are you asking me to feel sorry for you? Come back and talk to me when you have a Sophomore in Cross Country at one school, a 7th grader in Cross Country at another school and a 2nd Grader in Volleyball and Girl Scouts at another school.

    I did myself a favor and got a magnetic monthly calendar (shows only one month at a time) and put it on the fridge. I color coded each kid and then listed all their shit out. It has helped tremendously to SEE it rather than think I can remember it.

    Even E's library day at school gets put on the calendar. That way I know I don't have to keep it all in my head. Once glance in the AM and I know what I need to do that day.

    Now - quit your bitching.

  3. Good heavens, woman! Give yourself a break. You are doing SO much. Wow. You're making me feel lazy.

  4. Its hard to be a working mom! I never have enough time either. I have just made peace with the fact that my floor is never as clean as I would like, the tub hardly ever gets scrubbed and its ok if my kids eat mini wheats for dinner. As long as they know you love them that is all that really matters!!

  5. I think you're doing a damn good job as it is. I hope I can balance things as well as you are when I have my second baby!


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