Friday, September 4, 2009

I Had A Bad Day, Just Ask Twitter

Yesterday was a particular crappy day.

I didn't sleep well the day before. I woke up extra tired and dragged on.

I was grumpy and everyone who could indeed pissed me off.

I didn't seem to get any single task done but instead managed to start a bunch more.

Even a co-worker chomping on carrots made me want to shove them down her throat.

My phone wouldn't stop ringing. I had do random push-ups in the middle of eating lunch.

I managed to hit my head and even managed to cut the back of my hand.

You see? Crappy.

I had to stay at work late to fix mistakes of a NOTSOSMART co-worker.

Missed my train. Caught the next one but got literally sat on.

Finally got home and had to run to the grocery store. Decided to self check-out and then the machine broke RIGHT before it could dispense (ignore "yo" I meant "my") my $13.86.

Lael decided that tonight of all nights she would act a damn fool when it was time to do her homework.

I had just about had ENOUGH.

She begs me to take a bath but I tell her she won't have time because it was only 40 mins before bedtime.

She looks at me with the most serious face and says.

"Mom, I will be in the bath and as soon as you say Dear, it's time to get out. I will get out and NOT even give you an attitude."

Verywellthen. It's just what I needed to hear to give me a great laugh.

And she stuck by her word. In and out without a fuss.

Thanks baby. You turned my crappy day upside down!


  1. A child that can make getting sat on by a stranger okay is one amazing kid.

  2. What a day!! Kids can be so sweet when they want to.

  3. Sounds like a horrid day! I am glad that your daughter turned it around :)

  4. I love when one of my kids turns my whole day around with justthe simplest of things! I am glad she was able to do that for you!

  5. Push ups in the office? Even on the worst of bad days I would never resort to physical exercise. :)

  6. I love little girls!! I am still working on my youngest boy to shower on a regular basis...

    I just remembered that it has probably been a week?? Gross.

  7. Isn't it great how they can turn it alllll around? I hope mine says something sweet when he learns to talk. Ha!

  8. my kid has really been able to turn my days around as well with just a huge smile or a comment like the one your kid made. I'm so grateful to have her in my life

  9. Now that was a sweet ending to a tough day :)

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