Friday, September 11, 2009

May We Never Forget

Every year this day creeps up on me. I know it's September. I am concious of it but then it's here.

I still remember where I was when it happened.

I still remember the panic that took place in our nation's capital.

I still remember seeing the smoke from the Pentagon from MILES away.

I still remember.....

Here is my post from last year on this very day.


9/11 Pentagon Memorial

Where do I even thing I can say is that my eyes are still burning from all the tears.

I was blessed today to be able to attend the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial Dedication Ceremony.

I have been stationed out of the Pentagon for 3 years and was privileged to receive a ticket to witness first hand the unveiling of the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial.
My day started at 5a.m. I got dressed in my BDU's and hopped a ride to the Metro. The mood was a solemn one.

It was still dark as I caught rode the Metro to the Pentagon Entrance. Once arriving there I was awestruck by the amount of people, both military and civilian that were already lining up at 6 a.m. to witness this once in a lifetime event.

I couldn't believe I was going to be taking part in history.

My tribute to the victims really started Saturday when me and my girlfriend participated in the 4th Annual Freedom Walk that started at the Women's Memorial at Arlington Cemetery and ended after a 1-Mile walk to the Pentagon South Parking.

Every year at this time I get sad just thinking that you never know when you or your loved ones lives will be snatched.

Being military makes me that much more tearful because I know that I am doing good for my country and keeping my daughter safe.

Enjoy the pictures....and NEVER FORGET!


  1. Hubby and I were just saying how we'll always remember where we were when we first learned of what happened. We were both at the gym at the time and he called me over to look at the TV screen. He said in a disbelieving tone that it looked like a plane flew smack into a building. It felt so unreal... and then throughout that night, the news stations would air the same clips over and over again.

  2. I agree with buckeroomama...I will always remember where I was when I watched the news clip and witnessed the 2nd plane. I was lucky enough to be in my living room and lucky enough to not have a daughter yet - to worry about where she was or how I could get to her.

    I can't believe it's been 8 years.

  3. Glad you got to attend that ceremony! I went to NYC to "ground zero" a few months after the incident, so I could visit my friend who lived there. I've never been to the Pentagon, though. I'll have to do that.

  4. I, too remember well. I remember being able to see the smoke rising from Manhattan and being in a total state of shock for weeks. To this day I have no idea if some of my NYC classmates were victims.

  5. Yes, these events are forever etched in my memory. Just thinking about it makes me so very sad and angry at the same time. How special it was for you to be able to go to the dedication last year.

  6. Wow, that must have been so amazing to be a part of.

  7. I hope we never see anything like that again.

  8. Those images from the news shows still haunt me. My heart breaks for anyone directly affected that day.

  9. I don't think anyone will ever forget. I know I won't. Traveling back into the city the following week for my internship was really hard. I was still shaken by getting stuck there on 9/11 because the transportation was shut down. I'll never forget the quiet of the packed train on 9/12 when the conductor announced, "Put your tickets away. We're glad you're here and that you made it. This trip is on us."

  10. What a special post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. I remember being so scared for my child....i was pregnant with logan....and that morning i stayed home from work bawling...thinking how horrible is it gonna be for my child.....still kills me. soo scary!!

  12. Wow, those are some amazing pics.

    I remember my mom saying that she remembers where she was when she heard that Kennedy was shot. As a kid I thought that was so weird. But now I get it, as I will never forget 9/11 and where I was. Poonch was just 3 mos old and decided to finally take a morning nap. I took advantage of it and jumped in the shower, so happy that I would be CLEAN that day. As I was getting dressed, I had the Today show on in our room and actually saw the 2nd plane hit the tower. I will never forget the horror in Matt Lauer's voice when he realized this was not just a prop plane in trouble. I held onto Poonch all day long.

    Strangely, it sort of seems like just yesterday but so long ago all at the same time.


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