Monday, September 28, 2009

Timing Is Everything

Lael has been acting a little strange the past few weeks.  I don't know if it's a phase but it's starting to creep me out.

She has always been a very well behaved child.  Don't get me wrong.  She's had her share of meltdowns but overall I've had it pretty damn good.

Things have been slowly changing the last few weeks.  I've noticed it when we've been visiting with friends.  I've had to repeat myself often, she bit one of her friends, she's been talking back a bit and doing that breathing thing.  You know, the one where you tell them to do something and suddenly they get all huffy and shit? 


Could her timing be worse.  I have spent most days trying to avoid any type of strenuous work.  Discipling is one of them. 

Now at home I really haven't had this problem.  At home she's been pretty much normal but still it concerns me.

This brings us to this weekend.  My mom decided she wanted Lael for the weekend. Score!  She booked a hotel in the area so she could order room service and swim in the hotel pool.  I just knew the two of them would have a great time.

But it wasn't so great for my mom.  Apparently Lael showed her ass out.  My mom called and texted me numerous times over the weekend about Lael's rash behavior.

I spoke to Lael and she seemed so nonchalant about it.  At one point she even pretended that she could hear me over fake static. 


Does this kid know I have the ability to make her life a living hell.  I will unplug every computer, television and video game within her radius.  I can make bedtime whenever I good and well please.  I can make things really NOT FUN for her.

But is that the answer?  What is really going on?  I'm a little nervous.  With a new baby on the way I'm afraid that we made the wrong decison.

When she got home yesterday we went on a long walk and talked about the things that happened with her Nana.  She didn't really have a good reason for her behavior except that she was bored and wanted to play.  That's why she took my moms jewlery and tangled it up and tied in around her shoe strings.  She wanted to shower alone which is why she refused to wash up.  She couldn't reach her food which is why she stood up in  the chair at the resturant they went to.


We had a good talk.  I explained that she is a very good girl at home with me and daddy.  That she is a good girl at school but that she has to be a good girl WHEREVER she is and WHOEVER she is with.  I expressed how important it is for her to be a big girl for this new baby.  That she makes me look like a bad mommy when she doesn't do as she's told.

She looked me in the eyes and gave me a huge hug.  She told me that she I was the best mom ever.

Am I? I'm seriously questioning that right about now.


  1. Ayyy, we all have those days, don't we?

    Maybe it's her ambiguity about the baby that's manifesting in her behavior...?

  2. I would say maybe the new baby, school restarting, summer coming to an end...probably all are playing into her new attitude.
    I think it will change fast when she gets used to the idea of the changes.

  3. My kids tend to go through this at the beginning of each school year. A few good time outs and privilege losses definitely do the trick Good luck!

  4. E's doing the same thing right now. I'm getting a lot of attitude, a lot of back-talk and sass.

    I was really worried because I thought it was because of my stepkids.

    I think we all pick that one thing that we worry so much about and then "blame" that for the new behavior....she might just be testing her limits, you know?

    You are an awesome Mom. Just by recognizing that there's a change happening, you show that!

    She'll be fine because you care.

  5. I think change is hard for anyone. School is a change and not all kids are well behaved. She could have learned this behavior from other kids at school. You did the right thing by talking to her. Maybe some loss of priviledges would also help. But you are a great mom and she will be just fine!!

  6. My 7 year old is starting to do the talking back/attitude thing. I don't like it one little bit.

    Take a deep breath and say over and over, "testing limits is normal, testing limits is normal..." And then have a big glass of wine.

  7. I hate those days when you feel like it's your fault and you're a bad mommy. That's the real pain of childbirth!! My Matthew has been acting up lately...I think it's the move! Kids express their feelings in weird ways sometimes!! Hang in there.

  8. Sigh...if you can figure out the "all huffy and shit," please let me know. My oldest started it in the 1st grade and hasn't turned back. I do notice that she acts up the most when she is tired. I also have discovered that I never really realized just how much school tires her out, and that she needs some down time. I know this doesn't actually speak to your post, but I needed to vent a little!

  9. First of all.... where the heck have I been that I didn't know you were having another baby.... CONGRATS!!
    And about Lael-- it's probably a combonation of things-- her age, of course and she may be starting act out some "jealousy" or fears" about a new baby!!

  10. They say that the younger kids start acting up when a new baby is on its way! Maybe that is causing those impulses.

  11. I have no idea how I'm going to handle situations like that...we still haven't even HAD a child...and there are already thinks to stress about...

  12. As an mother and ex-waitress, I am capable of coming up with an excuse for everything, but I'll spare you my thoughts on this because my daughter hasn't quite hit this phase yet so I'd just be talking out of my a** (that's the waitress in my blood). All I know is that it sounds like you're on top of things and will figure it out, if you haven't already. Please keep us posted, though!

  13. I hope you find the cause and solution soon! Kids can be so darn confusing. But a friend of mine once told me a quote she heard somewhere. "If we all waited for the right/perfect time to have a baby, the world would go extinct because that time will never come!"

  14. So many new things all at once - school, baby, summer gone, etc. She'll settle down. How sweet of her to hug and tell you that.


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