Thursday, September 3, 2009

Titles Are Overrated

A few things on my mind:

Did yall hear about the man who slapped the 2yr old 5 TIMES across the face at a Wal-Mart in GA? Really? I want to know how he got close enough to hit her and how he managed to get more than 1 slap in. I mean SERIOUSLY he is 61. I respect my elders but I would have whipped his ass if he put his hands on my child. Your thoughts?

Speaking of children. The Duggars. Need I say more. 42 and pregnant with her 19th child. I am very supportive of "big" families but is there a point where it becomes a bit out of hand? What do yall think? How is her body even able to hold up? Am I being judgemental?

I feel all high techy and everything because I am currently typing this on my brand new Toshiba Mini Notebook. Hello. My name is Keyona and I am hot shit. Thankyouverymuch. I originally ordered a DELL Mini but they were back ordered with no estimated shipment date. I cancelled my order the 4th of Aug and just got my money back 2 days ago. After trying to buy one from 2 other stores I decided to go the Toshiba route. It's very little and my fat ass fingers keep wandering but I'll get the hang of it.

I have been nauseous almost everyday since this past weekend. I am trying not to get my hopes up thinking that I may be pregnant but if not then why have I been feeling this way? Please send me happy hope you are with child thoughts. Thanks yall are great.

Hey, I want to do a giveaway on my blog but I need some awesome person who has awesome products to sponsor me so if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone that want to showcase their product please let me know!

And last but not least (I know I'm rambling) I submitted my Bedtime Battles post to Mamapedia and they liked it! They liked it so much that they will be featuring it on Sept. 19 on their website. I would love for you guys to check it out but I'll remind you when the date gets closer.

Whew! That was sure a brain full! :o)


  1. I hope you'll be "positively swell." (Sorry, couldn't resist!).

    ...and congrats on your successful article submission to Mamapedia. Woo hoo!

  2. Congrats on Mamapedia, can't wait to read it! And as for the Duggars, I don't get it. I think there is a difference between 19 children and a big family. I have a hard enough time dividing my attention between just two kids. But then again, I am no supermom! To each her own, I guess...

    P.S. Hope you continue to feel nauseous!

  3. Was it a stranger who slapped? Slappings wrong any way it's done, though. I have a post on discipline, though:
    You might enjoy it. If the Duggar mom had 18 sons, there would be no way she would have gone past 5 LOL--Girls are such helpers that it's not like one woman raising 19 children. However, if it were 19 sons, she'd be doing ALL the work:)

    Kudos on the nauseau!

  4. That guy that slapped that kid? He wouldn't be able to walk if he touched my kid. And I agree, how the HELL did he get 5 slaps in?

    Congrats on Mamapedia...I have no idea what that is but it sounds like something I should be saying "congrats" to.

    I hope you are incubating.

  5. #1. That guy is lucky the Mom didn't take him down right there in the Walmart store! I could NOT believe that when I read it.
    #2. Mrs. Duggar...sheesh. I was chatting with my oldest son about it and said to him "I can't believe her uterus will still stay shut and hold another baby in there!" He said "Mom? That is a BAD visual for me!" LOL.
    #3. Oh I hope that you are going to have a baby! :)

  6. Oh nuh-uh. If a man even laid a finger on one of my kids I would give him a beat down. Wouldn't matter if he was bigger than me, my mama instincts would come out and I'd be ON FIRE. It makes me really mad just thinking about it!!

    I think the Duggars are completely irresponsible. In my opinion, their kids never really get to be kids, because they have to help all the time. Plus they never have any quanlity time with mom & dad. Very, very bizarre.

    Congrats on the article!!

    And here's some preggo vibes: OHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  7. I think I am in the minority with the Duggars, but I really admire her. I think she is an awesome mom, she teaches her children responsibility which is something that is majorly lacking these days...I think they still get to be kids. They look like they have plenty of fun.

    They are well taken care of and loved, so why not have another? I don't know about her health, but I'm sure she has a good doctor. My, but she is fertile though! Even if I had wanted to have a gigantic family, it takes me long enough to get pregnant that I might have 5 or 6 and that would be it! :)

  8. The Duggar family is just nuts!!! When I watch the mom talk, she appears to be light a few brain cells. Kudos to how well the family seems (appears) to run. A well oiled machine!!

    I would have also kicked the Wal Mart man in the balls. What a nut!! I even typed that for fun just a couple minutes ago on the CNN blog.

  9. The slapping incident at Walmart. It would have taken less than a second for me to step between that man and my child and dare him to slap me. I'm all for respecting your elders but this crosses the line!

    (Fingers crossed for you! Good luck!)

  10. I think big families are nice too but not that big! I want 3 kids. :)

    What?? 5 slaps! That's scary to be done to a child. I haven't heard about it but it is interesting. I'll be looking it up to find out more about it.

  11. I heard about the old man this morning - I would have been all over him when his hand was raised!

    Thinking positive thoughts for you and BFP!

    Congrats on the feature!

  12. The man who slapped the kid would have been ball-less after the first slap if it would have been my kid and thats all i will say about that.

    As far as the Duggars go i guess if you can take care of them go for it but i franky thank you have to be just a bit insane (or addicted). I am with many other on Twitter today who's Vagina is in mourning for this poor woman's woman parts. I read the other day she has been lactating for something like 22 years straight...good God i cant imagine!

    I am sending some happy baby vibes your way! Good luck and i cant wait to hear some good news!


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