Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Which I Will Catch Yall Up

Alot has happened since last Thursday morning.  Let break this down by day.


-Lael turned 6. Yes, 6. I'm officially old.
-I took Lael to her school Halloween parade
-She went through the haunted house and came out with any tears
-I hit my head on a railing and almost gave myself a concussion (seriously, I even had the knot to prove it)
-Got home and felt like I was getting the flu (I didn't but I felt like crap)

-I had my 10wk appt. I saw Bubby (the baby). And the heartbeat. Everything is GREAT!!! :o)

-I got my H1N1 vaccination. Ouch!
-Got Lael the Flu Mist (she said it tickled)
-Took Lael to the base Halloween Parade and then Trick O' Treating (they celebrated on Fri instead of Sat)
-Hubby went to pick up D so I had to do all the walking myself. My feet were DONE!

-Did midterms in the morning
-Took Lael and D to get us all Manis and Pedis for La's birthday.  It was all kinds of great!.
-Met up with 13 family members at Applebees to celebrate Lael's birthday. She loved it
-Stayed the night with MIL so the kids could give out candy at her house.
-Woke up at 5am because I was hot. Lael was on fire. MIL didn't have a thermometer.
-Drove around in the dark and pouring rain looking for a 24hr CVS. 
-Turns out Lael had a fever of 103.4 and had an awful cough. Gave Lael medicine.  It worked.

-Woke up and Lael was brand new.
-Went to breakfast and got home in time to shower and get back in the car.
-Took D home and met up with BF to get baby stuff for Bubby.
-Went shopping at Target to spend Lael's $150 in Target gift cards.
-Got home and stayed up till almost midnight finishing mid terms.

Monday and Tuesday haven't been too intresting. Just work. And recouperating. And remembering I planned Lael a surprise sleepover for Saturday.  Guess I won't be getting too much rest.

Oh, here are some picutres. Enjoy!


  1. Her costume was adorable and her nails turned out really cute. Except for the fever in the middle of the night, it sure sounded like a great weekend.

  2. You have been very busy!!

    A big OUCH! I hate needles...


    You guys look gorgeous! :D

  3. By the way! we missed you here in Bloggerland! :D

  4. No excuses! I need DAILY updates.

    But seriously, the fingernails are sooo cute, the costume is adorable and at 6 she still gets food all over her face? Glad I'm not the only one that deals with that.

  5. What a beautiful Japanese maiden! I love her fingernails.

    Just reading this made me tired. I don't know how you do it.

    Horray that your little nugget is in good shape and heart is beating!

  6. Whew! I'm tired just reading this! The pictures are beautiful!!


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