Monday, November 23, 2009

No Take Backs

I'm pregnant.

Like for real for real.

I think it kinda hits me at the weirdest times.

I realized last night in the car that I am basically starting over.

Lael has just reached the point where she is almost self sufficient.

She showers on her own, dresses herself, gets in the car and buckled unassisted.  I'm just there just in case.

You know, in case she needs me to "help" her be a big girl.  But rarely am I needed.

That will all change soon.

It will no longer be me and Lael throwing on clothes to run out on a Saturday morning to garage sale shop, or hit up the store.  Everything will be a process now.

Lael has always been a good sleeper.  Sleeping in is her THING.

On a weekend she can easily sleep in till 1030 or 11 if I let her.

That will all change soon.

What was I thinking.  I will have a crying, pooping little thing all over again.

And guess what.  It is done.

There are no take backs......

Not that I want to or anything.

Wow. What did I get myself into?


  1. This is why I am sad/relieved each month.

    I think I want another child but I enjoy, too much maybe, that my daughter does things for herself finally.

    You are right, your world is about to change but it will be amazing. And so worth it.

  2. I know, right? You can't wait until the baby arrives, and yet...

  3. Yes, my dear, all of the above is true! I started again after the first one was five, and again when that one was TEN! Life won't be the same, for a while, but it's all worth it. And pretty soon, before you can blink actually, that little one will be doing all the things Lael is doing now! :-)

  4. You will do great! It will be hard at first, give yourself 12 weeks to recoup then its all up from there. Im so excited for you!!!

  5. Yes, you will start all over again, but that means you get to experience all those special firsts again. Babies are the best.

  6. Besides all the poopieness you'll get, I bet it is an amazing experience!!!

  7. You are so right...but the good news is that Lael's self-sufficient so you'll only have to "baby" the baby!! She'll be awesome and you'll be fine!! If not, we'll be here to listen and offer support.


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