Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Do I Do?

Guess what came on Friday?

Go on guess. 

Ok, I'll give you a hint. It ryhmes with Resort Card.

LOL! Ok, so Lael got her Report Card.

I was excited when I first opened it up.  To see how well my little genious was doing.

As I began to read it my smile slowly faded.

In her school/grade they don't get grade letters yet.  Instead they get a B=Beginning D=Developing S=Secure and for some things they got I=Independtly L=Limited Prompting F=Frequent Prompting.

Apparently Lael isn't doing as hot as I thought.  She got most ALL Beginnings on her tasks (even though I know beyond a doubt she can do more than it says) and it's seems she need a lot of Frequent Prompting for tasks.

At the end of the report card there was a note from her teacher.  It starts off by stating that Lael is a sweet child.

That was just a setup for what was to follow.

She says that Lael is often laid back and lounging in her chair.  She complains of being tired, and does not participate or seem excited about anything and that she often has to have thing re-explained to her after rest of the class is already doint their work and is very fidgity.


My heart dropped.  I went back through the report card and it showed that Lael has trouble finishing classwork on time, listening while others are talking, and doesn't participate.  She does work well with others and seems to know that work but shows no motivation.


It has been really bothering me for the past few days.  Did I do something wrong?  Does Lael watch too much TV and not enough reading?  Did I make a mistake by sending her to a new school?  Did I make a mistake by letting her start early?  Is she mature enough to be in the 1st grade or should I have let her stay back in Kindergarten?

So many questions.

I do know that a lot of the information is new to her.  Going from K to 1st is a big change. 

I wasn't completely surprised though.  Lael does have a bit of trouble concentrating and following directions at home.

I can look her right in the eye and give her directions and she will walk away and then come back and say "Wait, what did you say?"  It has been a big deal at home and me and hubby have been on her about it.

I have had to repeat myself multiple times at home which is frustrating for me so I can imagine how her teacher may feel.

I have started to put her to bed at 8pm and last night decided to try 7:30.  It seemed to work fine.  Maybe 10hrs wasn't enough for her so maybe 11 will help.

I just don't know.

Me and Little Miss had a long talk and she said that she has questions in her head but she just doesn't like to ask because she doesn't like everybody looking at her.

We are working on it but I am shook.

I don't want her to fall behind.  This is the little girl who walked at 9 months, read at 3, she is capable.  I just need to give her the right tools.


  1. card time - they might as well stamp it with "Mom Fail" or "Mom Pass."

    You are right, 1st grade is a big leap from K - the things they are learning and are expected to do are quite different.

    The listening thing though..we put our 6YO in the corner for not listening - we are petrified that the one thing she needs to listen to (crossing the road, not talking to strangers) will be the one thing she doesn't, so we don't play around with that.

    Lael is a good, smart kid and because you are concerned, she'll be just fine. If you didn't care, then I'd be worried.

    Sorry about the apparent "post" I decided to write in your comments section. :)

  2. Hugs to mom. First off of course she got Beginnings in a bunch of stuff, it's the start of school. As far as not listening, just keep working with her. Ask the teacher what ideas she has to help Lael ask the questions in her head without feeling embarrassed. She is one smart cookie and she will do just fine.

  3. I think she will be just fine, you and her teacher just have to be very VERY PATIENT! I mean everything is new to her a new school, friends, they rhythm of the work is also differnt from kinder it is just a lot more work and she has to learn to adapt herself to that new work and system. :)

    *hugs to you*

  4. Don't let it stress you. As a parent, I know how it feels. You know what your child is capable of, but how to get the teachers to see it. She's fresh outta pre-K, AND in a new school. By June, you may see a totally different report :-).

  5. The whole not listening thing, my son is 4 and I totally get what you are going through. It's so frustrating! Hang in there...I'm sure it's just a phase.

  6. Sounds like focusing issues. Bria is like this, too. We have to work on it, but don't worry. She will be just FINE. And if it still continues, you might want to look into ADD. But I don't think (having ADD myself) that medication is necessary, just knowing the right tools for success, like you said.

    Good luck!

  7. We take it so personally, don't we? It is a big jump between K and's good you're working on the concentration thing...hopefully she can train herself to pay attention. Hang in there!! She'll be great b/c you are her mom!


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