Friday, January 22, 2010

23 Weeks

Guess who is 6 months preggos?  I know!  Ok well technically I don't start my 6th month until tomorrow but if you are going to be that anal than go away.  Just kidding. :)

So far everything has been well.  For those that missed it, it is a boy.  NO QUESTION ABOUT IT.  Except for my one incident everything has been great.

Everyone I see swears I am little and carrying so well.  That's just code for "girl your ass gonna blow up from here".  Thanks for that.

So I have decided to schedule a C-Section.  I know it's not what I said earlier but I am 100% sure.

The first thing that led to this decicison was that the doctor reviewed my records from Lael's birth and decided that while my previous C-Section was difficult that I had a 60-80% chance of having a vaginal birth without my uterus errupting.

While to some that sounds all warm and fuzzy.  I was concered about whether I fell in the 60th percentile or the 80th. 

But what really sealed the deal is the last weekend D was with us she asked who was going to take care of her and Lael when I had Bubby (no he still doesn't have a name but feel free to give suggestions. Preferably names that start with L or K). 

It then hit me that most likely D wouldn't be with us when I went into labor and I don't want her to meet her brother a week after he is born.

I know it may sound stupid to some but she is my daughter as well.  This is her brother.  I want her there as much as I want Lael and Hubby there and so I have decided to let the doctors slice me once more the ensure that both of my girls are the first to meet the last member of this family.

So, I spoke to D's mom and she totally supports this and will let her miss school if needed to be there.  It certainly kicks ass to have a baby momma that has some sense.

My next appt is on Feb 12th, so I will let me doctor know my decision.  I don't know if she will schedule it then or how that works but when I find out my date I will totally let my bloggy buddies know.

Well, I'm past the half-way point.  I have started working on his room and Lael is enjoying it.  He has clothes, a bassinett and stroller/carseat combo (thanks to my little brother in Iraq), and thanks to Buckeroomama a bouncy seat. 

I'm sure my babyshower (April 17th) will turn out great and I will get lots more stuff for him.

I am scared, excited, and giddy.

I'm having a baby.

He'll be here before I know it.

I don't even know how to take care of a boy.

I guess I'll find out soon enough.


  1. Okay - before I even read your post my first thought was "holy shit, she is carrying that baby good." hope your ass doesn't blow up from here. :)

  2. You are so freaking cute!!! I was never that cute pregnant!!

    And coming from a Mom of 2 boys who grew up with a sister and a mom and FREAKED OUT when she found out she was having a boy and was afraid she wouldn't know what to'll be fine! Boys are heaven.

  3. HOLD UP.

    You look awesome and all, but you get a SECOND shower?


    Is this standard? Do my family/friends owe me back pay?

  4. I never expected a boy-- and now I have two though I didn't birth the 1st one (I got him when I married his daddy!).

    Funny story (I'll try to make it short)- after we came home from the hospital... every time I changed Trenton's diaper he would be soaking wet up to his armpits within an hour. I change his diaper, his clothes and it'd all happen again. When Daddy changed him, this NEVER happened. I was so frustrated. Finally, Daddy tells me, "You have to put it down." I was totally confused... "Put WHAT down?", I asked. He said, "It!". I wasn't about to touch his little tiny thingy... no way, no how. NOT this mama. :) As soon as I took Daddy's advice, life was good again. Proof that even Mama doesn't always know best. LOL

    And just so you know, I heart your blog. So glad I found it!

  5. You are totally carrying that baby good. Boys tend to be easier on our bodies, I think anyways. Here is my spur of the moment boy name Kaden.

  6. the biggest thing with a boy is you're going to need to develop ninja diaper changing skills. i cannot tell you how many time i've cleaned pee of the walls and ceiling from my boys.

    and you look so cute! when'd the nausea end? I NEED THE NAUSEA TO END.

  7. You are so cute! Love that belly! You will love having a boy! They are so easy and boy stuff is cuter now than ever. If you need a little boy practice, I have two and you are welcome to them!

  8. What a cute pregnant belly you have!

    And I hope all goes well when you discuss the C-section with your doctor.

  9. You're looking adorable! You'll do great with a boy, I'm sure of it.

  10. You look WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

    I feel so happy for you!!!

  11. You look awesome!!! I'm so happy that Deja is going to get to be there! That's so special!

  12. You look so awesome!

    And raising boys is long as you can change a diaper at lightening speed before you get sprayed.

  13. Dude, you are the cutest pregnant person I've ever seen! Adorable.

    And for the record... boys are naturally stinkier than girls, your bathroom (and your cleaning arm) will eventually hate you for having him, and I guarantee that you'll get pee in your mouth/hair/eye at least once within the first day.

    Good times, good times.


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