Monday, January 11, 2010

They Usually Gross Me Out.....

...but Friday I was over joyed to see a little penis on the sonagram screen.

That's right people I am having a little boy.

Joy is pouring out of our house.

So Friday morning I had to take myself to my appointment.  Hubby didn't make it because we didn't have anyone to put Lael on the bus. 


But I was ok with it.

The tech that took me back was super sweet.  She spent a good 40-45 minutes checking every crevis.

Kidneys, brian, 2 arms, 2 legs, toes, fingers, heart, spine you name it, she measured it.

Everything looks great.  She said I'm about 2 days behind but they would leave my 22 May due date the same.

He is almost a pound and has a big head just like his daddy.

Oh and guess what.....

He sucks his thumb.  I could just eat him up.  But I can't.  Not yet at least.

So after that appointment I had another appointment with my OB.  She said everything looked great and that she had finally recieved my records from my C-Section with Lael and that I could totally have him naturally if I wanted.

Just in case she did have me sign C-Section papers ahead of time.

Once I go home me and hubby (who couldn't control his excitement ALL weekend) went to pick up D for the weekend.

She remembered that I had an appointment but I told her she had to wait until we got back to the house because Grandma was with Lael and I hadn't yet told her and wanted to tell them together.

Once we got home we had to wait 20 minutes or so for Grandma to bring Lael home.  At this point D was antsy.

Finally they got there and I let them both guess.  They both thought it was a boy.

When I smiled and told them they were right they leaped for joy.

Lael screamed and jumped up and down.

"I wished to God it would be a boy and my wish came true!"

"I knew it was a girl so I wished to God that he would change it to a boy and it worked, God is my best, do you have pictures of his private parts?"

Hilarious. I know.

I showed them the sonogram photos (privates included) and they just giggled at his "Tee Tee".

"That means we can go shopping!" Lael screamed. 

She didn't calm down all weekend.  Neither did D.

We went shopping Saturday and Sunday.

They were like little maniacs.

Trying to throw everything they could in the cart.  Clothes, diapers, pacifiers, shoes, stroller, cribs, you name it they wanted wanted it.

Hubby is coming up with RIDICULOUS names like Richard Wellington (Dick Well for short) or Ceasar (which means King).

Long story short.  It's gonna be a long 4 months. 

But it will totally worth it in May.


  1. I so can't wait!! I'm totally gonna eathim up!!! Love, Love, Love him and you and Lael and Deja and well maybe just like Kemal HA!

  2. Oh, I can tell that he's going to have two doting sisters to coddle him (or boss him around)! :)

  3. That little boy doesn't know what he's about to enter into to!!!

    Congrats again - I'm so happy for you all!

  4. "I knew it was a girl so I wished to God that he would change it to a boy and it worked!"

    My husband tried that too, but it didn't work for him. :)


  5. Congratulations! What a happy time for you! Enjoy every moment :-).

  6. Oh, how wonderful! Congratulations!! I love how everyone is so excited about it!!

  7. Oh BOY!!! I was scared to death to have a boy and now I have 2 and they are the BEST! but don't tell Lael and Deja I said that! Or Olivia...;)

  8. Congratulations! I truly understand your excitement!

    And I am dying with laughter about Lael's comment that she knew it was a girl and begged God to change it to a boy. That is priceless!

  9. How awesome is THAT??? Woo hoo! Congrats!


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