Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year!

I can't believe I haven't posted since the 21st.

I won't bore you with the whole "this is what we did for Christmas" or " I did this on New Years".

All I will say is that it was great.  The girls were happy.  All my fears from before worked themselves out.

We ended up getting both of the girls DSi's and they were just as spoiled as before so all is well.

The only thing I regret was that I didn't put as much into Christmas as I usually do.  Lael didn't get to visit Santa this year, I didn't get any pictures taken and I didn't make cookies.  But we did do a ready to bake thing.  Shout out to Pillsbury!!

The pregnancy is going GREAT! I'll be 21 weeks in a few days.  Whoo Hoo!  I know I teased everyone a few weeks ago about finding out the sex but my appointment got screwed up.

Many suggested I should have thrown a tantrum right there in the middle of the hospital but I have more class than that.  Ahem.

So anywho, I have my Sonogram scheduled for 8am Friday morning.  I respectively I took the day off so that I can SHOP!  Well not really because Christmas broke me even more than I already was.  Don't you read my Tweets, hotdogs and beans and cereal it what we'll be eating for dinner.  Just kidding. Not not really.

That's about all that's going on over here.  I don't do New Year's resolutions too much.  It's just another way to beat myself up for not following through.  But I do want to try to waist less money this year.  I want to bring my lunch to work everyday and try to put more into my invisible savings account.  Yall have any resolutions?  Let me hear them.

Well here a few pics of Christmas to tie you over.  I'll post again tomorrow.  Maybe. I hope.  Ok at least by Friday.  Or Sunday.  Whatever.  It's my blog. :o)


  1. First, I will say LOVE YOU~~MY BFF! And thank goodness you updated the blog~~I was about to Go Ahead and Jump out my living room window (HEHEHE)!

  2. Those are pretty sweet pics! :)

    I don't do new year's resolutions either...

  3. You hadn't posted since the 21st and that was my birthday so I thought maybe it had something to do with me?!?!

    Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well - keep up the good work momma!

  4. So cute!! Glad to "hear" you!!

  5. ohmygod, a hotdog sounds TOTALLY AWESOME RIGHT NOW.

  6. What great photographs. Can't wait to hear who the baby is! (Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with me.)

  7. Phew, I was getting nervous! Glad to see all is well. Happy New Year!

  8. What a couple of cuties. So glad Christmas went well. I posted my goals for 2010 on my blog today. Looking forward to hearing all about the sonogram.

  9. Missed you tons!! Glad the pregnancy is well!

    They look adorable!


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