Thursday, January 14, 2010

She'll Keep Your Secret...At Least Until You Get Sent Home

Everyday ask Lael about how her day went. Her stories are usually typical 1st grade girly stories. Such and such was mean. Such and such isn’t my friend. Such and such is my friend again! But I ask because you never know what she may tell me.

I also ask because I need to know if she got a star that day and because we had an agreement that she would participate in all discussions once a day and so every day she has to tell me what question she answered.

So yesterday I asked Lael how her day went. Here’s how the conversation went:

“Suzie peed on herself.”

“Wow, that’s sad. What happened?”

“Well, we both had to go pee really bad but I had to go badder so she let me go first. One of the toilet’s wasn’t working so there was only one to use. I finished really fast and let Suzie go but then she said “uh oh” because she had peed on herself when she was trying to get her pants down.”

“Aw…I’m sorry to hear that, what happened next.”

“Well there was no more toilet paper so Suzie asked me to get her some. Since the other toilet door was locked I had to crawl under the door to get her some toilet paper.”

“Wow! That was very nice of you.”

“Yeah. It was. So then Suzie was too sad to come out of the bathroom.”

“ I bet, so what did you do?”

“Welll I went into our class and told the teacher ‘Um..Ms. Taylor, Suzie needs to see you. She in the bathroom but I can’t say why.”

“Oh, well that was so mature of you to not say out loud what had happened. So then what?”

“Ms Taylor went and took Suzie to the nurse and then her Dad came to pick her up so she could have clean clothes.”

“Well that’s good. Did she come back to school?”

“No she just stayed home for the rest of the day.”

“Well that’s great that you were able to help your friend and keep her secret, I’m sure she was a little embarrassed.”

“Yeah, I only told Sara and Kelly.”

“What? Why did you tell them. You wouldn’t want anyone to tell if it was you that had an accident.”

“Well they are our best friends, she they were gonna find out anyway, besides Ms Taylor is the one who told the other girls that aren’t even our best friends.”

Very well then.


  1. OK!! I am so not telling Lael if I pee myself!! But, I would tell you!!

  2. Wow - I agree with Our Naquin Family - I definately won't be telling Lael when I pee myself.

  3. Oh poor Suzie. It's hard to be a first-grader sometimes.

  4. That Ms. Taylor needs to learn about the best friend code.

  5. AHAHAHAHAHA "i only told sara and Kelly". Priceless. And this shit still goes on at 40. "I only told Sharon! She probably told chrissy..."

  6. Girls!!! And lucky's only just beginning!

  7. Poor Suzie! (But I'm sorry, that's a funny story!)


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