Monday, September 13, 2010

4 Months

Dear Kobi,

How has it already been 4 months? How is it that I love you more than I ever thought possible?

I was afraid before. Afraid of becoming a new mom again. Afraid that I wouldn’t have enough love for you and your sister. Afraid of having a boy.

It was silly of me to be afraid. Once they put you in my arms all the fear disappeared.

You have brought a new meaning to our family. You have taught me that it is possible for your heart to grow bigger. You have taught your father what it’s really like to raise a baby. You have taught your sister’s the ULTIMATE responsibility.

You were born on May 14th at 9:54am.

Right off you opened your eyes and took me in. Took the world in. Everyone commented how “alert” you were. I knew you would be. I had a feeling.

You are so like your sister in so many ways but also very different.

You are barely 4 months and there is so much you can do. So many ways your personality is starting to show.

You can laugh.

You can smile.

You can hold your head up.

You can grab at and hold your toys.

You can chew on anything you can hold.

You have recently discovered your fingers and sometimes get carried away and choke on them.

You love to stand up on my legs. You are very strong.

You can turn your head from side to side.

You have recently learned that you can squeal so that’s lots of fun.

You love taking a bath but only in really warm water.

You have learned how to pull yourself across the floor by using this worm like motion. That’s super cute.

You also know how to scoot yourself out of your car seat if I don’t have you buckled in. Sorry about not knowing that. Hope you didn’t bump your head to hard.

You arch your back when you see me because you know that I’m going to pick you up.

You love to fall asleep in the crook of my neck. I kind of dig it too.

You like to be scared. When I hide and jump out you go into a fit of giggles.

Everyone says you are big for your age. You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and almost 15lbs. I love every single roll you have.

You are still breastfeeding. It’s out quiet time with each other. You recently started looking up and me when you nurse and occasionally stop just to smile at me and then continue. It melts my heart every time.

I recently started breaking you into your crib. I also recently gave up.

I’ll try again later. Life is too short not to enjoy the time I have to cuddle with you.

Soon you’ll be too big and won’t want to sleep with mom.

But for now I’ll enjoy your company.

These past 4 months have gone by in a flash. I am excited to see what the next 4 will bring.

But not too fast ok? Take your time. There is no rush.


  1. OMG - seriously - shut up already with his insane amount of cuteness!

  2. That smile! How can you resist it? He's just so adorable, Keyona.

  3. He is super adorable... I can totally understand why you are so smitten! :)

  4. My uterus just cried. He is so cute. I want him for my own right now.

  5. What a beautiful post. And that pic!! Wow!!

  6. He is so, so cute! My second used to fall asleep in the crook of my neck, too. And then I'd fall asleep. It was one of my very favorite things we did together.


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